New (and different) projects

Most of what I speak of here is my writing (or things related to the genres I write about). But there are other facets to Jack that you might not know about… and one of those facets has some projects about to be tackled. I thought I’d share some of the “news” with the Jackverse toay!

Yeehaw! Let’s get this hayride up to one hundred miles an hour.

The Spinnycam

Some of you (those that follow me on Facebook) may already have heard about this — the “this” being the Spinnycam. For an early birthday present, my wife bought me a GoPro Hero2 video camera so I can record videos of riding the trails. Well, little did I know how versatile this little guy was. When I realized I could film other things for it, one of the first projects I sat out to complete was to build a steady cam. Well, the DIY steady cam didn’t prove so successful. But while building that — a happy accident slapped me in the face. What I had built revealed something really amazing. I call it the Spinnycam. Here is the first sample video I created with this.

After doing that, I realized just how much I could do with this device. So, I created a teeny short video I call Horror House (aka Horror Cats).

This then progressed (with the help of the Openshot video editor) into the idea that the Spinnycam could easily be from the perspective of a ghost or an alien. The resulting rough video is this:

And finally, I created a very rough video for a promo for my book A Blade Away. This promo will be reshot, but this is the rough idea.

48 Hour Film Festival

My next project will finally be giving my acting chops a bit of exercise thanks to the local 48 Hour Film Festival. I have been cast in the leading role for one of the entries. We have no idea what the genre will be, but are hoping for horror (so we can do a vampire film). This will be great fun AND, if we do pull the horror genre and do a vampire novel, we’ll be using the Spinnycam for film shot from the perspective of a bat!

Fun. Stuff.

Book News

And yes, I do write books. 😉 I am almost half way complete with The Screampark. My goal is to have it published by mid-September so it can be sold at the Lexington Screampark as well as at Scarefest in Indy (which I will have a booth selling my books).

Lie Zombie Lie is in the hands of the beta readers (reports of “LOVIN’ IT!!!!” are coming in).

That is all Ladies and gentlefreds. I hope you all have a delicious day.