Among You all wear masks. Some to hide a dark truth, some to seek refuge from the horror of every day lies. Without these facades, we’d never make it; we’d live in complete fear that someone might see our true selves, or we’d simply curl up and fade away. It doesn’t really matter where you are, who you are, what status you hold in the world, if you’re famous, or little more than a ghost of what you once were.

You wear a mask.

You just don’t know it.

Scott Maskey loves haunted houses. When he hears of a new attraction in a neighboring town, his desire to discover new frights leads him into a danger he never knew existed. Scott enters the haunted mansion with an open heart, ready for the experience. Little did he know love at first sight awaited him among the monsters. What Scott eventually discovers in the Gaultier House will forever change his life.

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