A wonderful gift from a fan

The other day I received a box in the mail. Neatly and lovingly packed inside the box was a very special gift…a gift that made me realize that my work touches people on many levels.

The gift was a handmade Weasel doll from my book Screampark. And, as you can see in the image to the left, it’s just 100% awesome!

The doll is a creation of Kimbers Crochet Creations. Anyone that has read my novel or visited the haunted theme park the novel is based upon can appreciate just how wonderful this gift is.

It’s not often fans reach out on this type of level, but when they do…it’s very special. Weasel is an incredible creation and deserves to be brought to life in many delightful ways.

Thank you so very kindly Kimber Stidger. Your gift brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Weasel will happily reside on my bookshelf near my paperback copy of Screampark. Who knows, maybe late some night, he’ll come to life and bring to me visions that will inspire the next Screampark novel!