A taste of Hell

I am currently working on the third book in the Nameless Saga and wanted to give you a taste of what you were in for. This particular snippet is from the most recent bit of crafting I did and is gives us a quick glance at The Engineer, the creator of Hell. This is unedited, raw, straight out of my brain.



The Engineer walked the cobbles of Blight. The look on the creator’s face was serene, peaceful, bordering on joyous.

“This was my first,” The Engineer said with a tearful pride in the memory. It stopped in the center of Anguish Circle and knelt to place its palm down on the heated street. “The keystone of Hell,” The Engineer spoke. “I fashioned Hell’s prime building block from the crushed bone of Adam. I felt it fitting, since God used his rib as the cornerstone of the superior gender.” The Engineer patted the pristine white brick. “You cannot imagine how often God has begged me to return this stone. One fallen angel after another he has sent after this bit of original sin. My defiance taunted and enraged God. And yet, I refused to capitulate to the blustering bastard. He stole my truth, after all.”

The Engineer stood and glanced up toward the roiling, blood-red sky. “I long to escape this nightmare. Our first moment beyond the gates of Heaven will prove to be a fitting return…long overdue.”

On the opposite side of the street, a writhing mass of Fecalicous demons slithered in and out of their own waste—their choral hiss rose to speak. “All hail our failed leader.”

The Engineer bristled, stomped its way toward the serpentine demons, shoved its hand into the hot mound of demonic feces, and retrieved one of the Fecalicous Demons. The beast squirmed and lashed out under the mighty grip of The Engineer’s tiny hands. “Explain yourself, purveyor of shit!”

Two pinprick eyes blinked open, irises blood-red, and focused on The Engineer. “Under your watch our Muse has gone missing. The continuity of Hell has been supplanted and the Order of Ten has risen.”

“You know not what you speak of,” The Engineer hissed.

The Fecalicous demon lashed out with its tail, doing everything it could to contact the supreme leader of Hell. “Your original ten demons—the bastard children of chaos—creatures fashioned from your hatred toward God, so implausible and uncontrollable that you had to imprison them, else they tear down the walls of your kingdom.”

The Engineer squeezed the Fecalicous until the beady eyes nearly popped from their sockets. “Where are The Ten now?”

“In search of you, my lord and lover. They will lay waste to all that comes between them and your demise.”

“Find them,” The Engineer released the demon. “Once you have located The Ten, get word back to me of their whereabouts.”

“Is that concern I see etched on your porcelain face, Engineer?” The Fecalicous dared ask.

The Engineer slowly turned to the demon. A flash of rage danced across its face before the Fecalicous could dive back into the mound of feces. The creator of damnation returned to Hell’s keystone and knelt above it. “Looks like I’m going to need you after all.” The Engineer reached down, grabbed the keystone, and pulled it free from the road. A tremor rolled through Blight as The Engineer carefully examined the prize. Etched on the bottom of the bone-white brick were two words.

Sanctus Bellum.

The Engineer could sense a presence drawing near. A menace.

“Not now,” The creator whispered. “I am within reach of bringing truth back to its rightful owners and returning grace to Hell.”

“Fool,” a haunting voice rose up from the dark dimensions of Hell’s seedier location.

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