A scattershot Valentine poem (for Stephanie) from the dark hayride

This is for the love of my life, the keeper of my soul and my heart.

Together we’ll dance, on a wave of brilliant love

Twisting and twirling, enthralled.

I’ll taste your sweet nectar, as you bleed from above

Life, together, as one, embalmed.


We begin, we end, separation unknown

An ouroboros of human remains

Our souls enwtined forever my love

your spirit and mine, the same


Let me comfort you, my beloved, my sweet darling dear

As we dance through the dark hayride

I’ll give you my life, in joy and in fear

To have, to hold, to hide


Let me claim your dark passion as my only demand

As we join at the heart ever more

Together, as one, we’ll lie and we’ll stand

and dance a dark twist to a twilight L’Amour


I end as you begin

You start and I stop

Together, forever

In love


Happy Valentine’s day, Stephanie. Without you, I wither. With you, I thrive.