A Blade Away

blade_away_coverThe first entry in the “fringe-killer” series finds a young female detective and her flamboyant partner up against a killer, the likes they have never seen. “Lakme” is a self-appointed messiah bringing his own special brand of salvation with a scalpel and a twisted sense of reality to local transgendered males. Driven to this course from childhood, Lakme wields his weapons with purpose but no skill as he forces his victims into the world he believes they must belong.

To make matters worse, the brutal murders force a homophobic rift in the police force, driving Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahm to desperate measures.

A Blade Away is a thriller with just enough humor to give you room to breathe between the gruesome acts committed by the story’s sadistic killer Lakme. The “fringe-killer” series continues with the second installment “Gothica” already published on Amazon for the Kindle reader.

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