A Blade Away Giveaway!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a Get Jack’d giveaway! I want to give readers the chance to read my first novel, A Blade Away for free. Free! What else can you get for free?

Here’s how this works. If you are interested in reading a book who’s description reads a little something like this:

Killers and victims on the fringes of society are the focus of the ‘Fringe Killer’ series. “A Blade Away” kicks it off with a murderous transgendered twist.

“I am the last true artist.”

Jamie Davenport is a struggling young officer on the Louisville Police Force. In her first homicide case, Jamie must track down a twisted killer who preys upon transgendered men to bring about The Change and transform them into their “true selves”.

“I am da Vinci with flesh.”

However, even with the help of her friend and mentor, Skip Abrahm, she finds herself fighting a war on three fronts: a victimized population reluctant to cooperate, a police force unwilling to take the crimes seriously, and a killer that is always one step ahead.

“I am a god with your gender.”

Warning: Contains adult situations and material.

All you have to do is send me an email requesting a copy and I will send you a link and coupon code so you can get your A Blade Away on for free. This giveaway will last through the month of April. Hurry now while quantities…oh wait, it’s an ebook, so quantities is irrelevant.