Dracula Theory

Dracula Theory cover.
Dracula Theory: By Jack Wallen

“If I had to describe this book in one word it would be … Masterful.”


Crystal Rain-Love

Van Helsing.

The entire cast of characters from Bram Stoker’s famous tale is back, but with a greedy twist of human nature.

Johnathan Harker is madly in love with Mina Murray and will do anything to have her hand in marriage, even at the expense of his soul.

The Baron Murray is obsessed with the blood of Dracula and will stop at nothing to increase his wealth. Even at the expense of his daughter Mina’s life.

When these two fates entwine, a maddening race to salvation is at hand.

If I had to describe this book in one word it would be … Masterful. I’ve read Jack Wallen’s zombie series and enjoyed it, but this book was amazing. Reading it, I kept thinking “This was written by someone recently?” You wouldn’t know that if you just randomly picked it up and didn’t look at the copyright date. The language was spot on for the time period, and transported you back in time. The plot was rich, and the characters were captivating. Reading this felt like reading one of the classics and I enjoyed every bit of it. – Amazon Reviewer