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by S.H. Roddey Winston Julius Damascus, III and his lovely wife Isobel stood on their porch, glaring toward the street with disgust. Winston surveyed the gaudy, garish Halloween decorations adorning their neighbors’ houses, his lip curling to reveal perfect, bright-white teeth. It was tacky. Ugly. And wholly inappropriate in contrast […]

The Neighbors

By Jeff Davis I had a Halloween party epiphany this year. I told my wife that I’ll go as Captain America and she’ll go as Black Widow. With her beautiful red hair and porcelain skin, all she needs to look the part is the tight black suit. My wife muttered […]

8 Pounds of Pressure

By Lance Gray Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe left. Social. Swipe left. HUNT. Mustard Yellow. Rifle scope crosshairs. Loading…Loading…Loading…Loading… (in the crosshairs) HUNT Gunshot. White flash.   He hated the Splash Screen. That awful yellow triggered him as soon as it flooded the screen. Those “familiar” with the app could […]


©2021 by Sparrow Black The drive was grueling and long, but what she’d left behind was worse. “Don’t think about it, Opal. You’ll just start to cry again, and you’re driving. Put some music on, distract yourself.” It felt strange to talk to herself like that, but the road was […]

The Halloween Road Trip

By Sheila Shedd We’d met three months before, an all night thing at a club called Sprechen. Purple strobes and long-winded jams featuring a French horn backed by a Theremin had me tired of the scene. I took a comfortable, isolated seat upstairs overlooking the rave, and Keven sat beside […]

The Treat

By Lisa Hornung Andrew Davis, walked into his kitchen in the morning. He had a headache and needed coffee, like now. “Morning, Mr. Coffee,” he said. Like he said every morning. He wasn’t sure why, but he often felt like thanking his coffee maker for making the warm elixir that […]

An Appliance Story

By Sonja Thompson My ex-girlfriend hated Halloween. Maybe hate isn’t the right word. It’s not sharp enough around the edges and doesn’t make you think of trauma, nightmares, and years of therapy. When she was 20 years old, she found her grandmother’s body, brutally murdered by her mom’s ex-felon boyfriend. […]

Celebrating Halloween

By Matt Heusser It was a beautiful October day at the Lion’s Park. With the older children in school, Sally took her kindergarten-aged daughter Samantha to meet up with her friend Jane, and Jane’s three year old son Bobby. Both had middle school aged children and had homeschooled until fifth […]

All Hallows Eve

By: Dean Lappi Brian slowed the old Mazda down as they approached a sharp turn of the narrow, gravel road they had been driving on for the past eight miles. Trees lined the right side of the road, so Brian couldn’t see around the corner, and the road was so […]

Dragon Egg

By Todd Skaggs “There is a wall between worlds seen and unseen. On Samhain, the wall becomes a veil. A thin gossamer that does little to deter the spirits from visiting…“ She closed the book she had been reading from. “That’s pretty deep.” I took the stub of a joint […]

The Veil