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Today is #samplesunday again and this time I am treating you will snippet from my first paranormal thriller, Gothica. For those of you who do not know of Gothica, the description reads a little something like this: In the second book of the “Fringe Killer” series, Detective Davenport finds herself […]

Sample Sunday: Gothica

This time from across the ocean in the great UK, I Zombie I gets to enjoy yet another outstanding review! I’ll not bore you with my own personal blather this time, I’ll just let you read it for yourself. Follow Email PostShare on Tumblr

Another great review for I Zombie I

Today I am a guest blogger on Trouble Down South. The article was inspired by a conversation I had with someone who pretty much insisted that being “self-published” didn’t really earn you the title of “author”. Needless to say, I didn’t take that very well and decided the term “self-published” […]

Guest on Trouble Down South

Every indie author writes about this at some point: “What’s the magic combination of writing and marketing that will finally bring my sales up? We all do this — we struggle with how best to embrace Twitter, Facebook, forums, blog posts, giveaways, back scratches, and dog washes with the hopes […]

Don’t forget to add a little luck into the mixture

Tick, tock, tick tock — the clock is about to strike and Shero is about to be unleashed onto the reading public. Why is that so important? Shero is chic-lit, with a twist (a BIG twist) of gender-bending, super hero hilarity. The full-blown novel will hit the shelves this month, […]

Sample Sunday: Shero

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so thrilled to announce the sequel to my hit, I Zombie I, has reached two milestones in the creation process. First, and foremost, the first rewrites are complete. The manuscript will fall into the hands of the beta readers very soon and will then (after […]

First Look: My Zombie My

Ask any indie author and, aside from sales, the one thing they will all say they need more of are reviews. It’s almost a universal. How is this possible? People read and review books. There are seemingly countless sites out there dedicated to the book review. There’s a catch…always a […]

Reviewer sites should open their hearts and minds