10 Favorite Gore-tastic films

I’ve already listed my all-time favorite Horror Movies for the month of October. To further this spooktastic trend, this time around I’m going with my all-time favorite gore-fest films. These movies won’t be for the faint of heart or the week of stomach…you’ve been warned! Bwahahahaha!

Some of these movies are oft-considered “torture-porn”. In other words — their driving force is primarily the torture of the human being. I’ll try to refrain from having too many of these genre-tastic films. In no certain order-tastic order (ah thank you very much), I give you my favorite of the splatter films.

1. Tetsuo’s Iron Man. It’s not as much horror as it is Japanese freak fest. This movie will have you cringing more often than not. But not only will it have your body crawling with fear, your brain might curl up and die in your skull! Power tool fetish-tastic!

2. Dead Alive. This one claims to be one of the goriest films ever made. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s pretty generous with the blood and gore. A woman is bitten by a rat monkey, dies, comes back to life, and starts mutilating and eating everything in site. Lawnmower-tastic.

3. Tokyo Gore Police. It’s got everything you need — blood, self-mutilation, privatized police, and a samurai sword wielding Japanese hottie who’s sole mission is to avenge her father’s assassination. Ruka belongs to a squad of cops who’s mission is to destroy homicidal mutant humans. Japanese-hottie-tastic!

4. The Wizard of Gore (remake). This is a remake of the exploitation-fest from the ’70s. Montag the Magnificent is an illusionist who performs underground shows of brutality and torture. Best part about this film — Suicide Girls portray Montag the Magnificent’s victims. Pinup-tastic.

5. Eaten Alive! Now really, doesn’t the title say it all? A woman and her sister lost in the jungles of New Guinea stumble upon a religious cult of…wait for it…cannibals. Yumtastic!

6. Day of the Dead. I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t include one from the master and creator of my favorite genre. Of all the early films of Romero’s, this one is the darkest and most visceral of the lot. This one really set the bar high for special effects which has rarely been equaled. Intestine-tastic!

7. 30 Days of Night. One must include at least a single vampire film in the mix and 30 Days of Night gets the nod. Why? The vamps are vicious, the blood pours, and the setting is cold, cold, Alaska. Plus the main vamp is just damned awesome. You won’t find masses of entrails flailing about, but blood is in abundance. Dractastic!

8. Cannibal Holocaust. I did. I had to include a second human-dinning treat. After all, we just taste like chicken right? This film is one that will seriously challenge your ability to handle your gore. Another movie that takes you into the jungles, this one gets involved with two warring tribes who happen to be…wait for it again…cannibals. This flick even includes a 70s porn star! What’s actually interesting about this film is that it has a socio-political statement as well as exploitative gore-orama! Porntastic.

9. Hellraiser II. I cannot, in good conscience, NOT include a Clive Barker film in a list of “favorites” where horror has a say in the mix. Hellraiser II brings my favorite movie bad guys back (the Cenobites) and unleashes them to wreck havoc on a much higher level than the original. Not that Hellbound improves upon the original, but it does ad more yummy gore and new Cenobites to the mix. Clivetastic!

10. Hostel. Annnnnd for the torture porn. I held off until the last possible moment, but as far as torture porn is concerned, at least Hostel has somewhat of a story behind it, plus some fairly good acting behind it. It’s not great, but the torture scenes will, no matter what frame of mind you’re in, make you squirm. Femurbrakingtastic!

There ya go ladies and gents, 10 gore-tastic movies that are sure to get you either tossing your lunch or wetting your pants. Dare you brave these films? You have plenty of October left.