According to Sanford Meisner, the definition of acting is “behaving truthfully under given circumstances.” If you’ve ever studied Meisner, you know how complex his method is. If not, let me fill you in. I graduated from Purdue University with an MFA in Acting, where I studied the Meisner method for […]

Acting Classes By Jack Wallen

Midnight. A monster so despicable it cannot be hidden prowls the London streets. The monster is Edward Hyde; he will not stop until blood stains the cobbles. Dr. Henry Jekyll bears witness but can do nothing to stop his demented alter ego from slaughtering another innocent. Even in the light […]

Hyde Theory

Cover By Jack Wallen
Christmas time is here and there’s no rest for the wicked. The snow is thick, the lights are twinkling, and under the mistletoe, murder is wrapped and ready. Aaron Kennedy is upping the ante to keep his dark beast at bay and his wives, Camille and Colette, are more than […]

Violent Delights: Deadly Tidings

Cover by Jack Wallen
Love and murder intertwine as Aaron Kennedy and Camille St. Jude welcome a deadly and delicious third wheel into their lives. As they ratchet up their kill count, they find the stakes higher and the pleasure greater. All the while, a trio on the other side of the law are […]

Violent Delights: Deadly Lover