In which I discuss one of the biggest challenges to being an artist. You might be surprised at what it is.

Me And My Muse Episode #203

I’ve started a new project, where I write and film original monologues, taken from my novels. This first monologue is Renfield from “Dracula Theory.” Enjoy.

Moments From My Worlds: Dracula Theory

This time around, I wanted to chat with you about how I got to where I am – a full-time writer – and why it’s important to understand it’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going.

Me And My Muse Episode 201

I can’t believe this is my 200th episode! In this episode, I discuss why it’s important to take the harder path in your art. Thank you all for being a part of this little world o’ mine.

Me And My Muse Episode 200

In which the writer expands on his “Rule of 1/3rds” to include the “Rule of 2/3rds,” for when you’re writing in 3rd person past tense.

Me And My Muse Episode 199

In which the writer discusses his rule of 1/3rds for writing, which should make it easier for writers to write fiction that’s easier for readers to read.

Me And My Muse Episode 198

I have a big announcement to make, by way of helping to answer the question, “Are you selling out?”

Me And My Muse Episode 197

I’ve been a hybrid author for some years now and I believe it’s now time for you to consider taking the same path. Find out why in this informative video.

Me And My Muse Episode #196

After 3 years, I’ve finally gone back to the Reapers series to write the fourth book, “A Midsummer Night’s Reap.” I was certain getting back into the thick of the series would be a monumental task. Surprisingly enough, it was quite simple. Watch the video below to find out what […]

Me And My Muse Episode 195

I was recently reminded how important it is for me to be me in both life and art. This was brought home during the process of filming my original script, “I Profundis,” wherein Oscar Wilde says, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Watch the video below to find out […]

Me and My Muse Episode 194

Do you know what a Mary Sue is? If not, the writer explains exactly what this construct is and why you should avoid them in your writing at all costs.

Me And My Muse Episode 193

Recently I realized my work with the world premiere of my play, “I Profundis,” had me in a downward spiral of impostor syndrome. Watch the video to find out how I came to this conclusion and what I did about it.

Me And My Muse Episode 192