This is some advice every artist needs to hear right now. Please watch and share with your artistic friends so they don’t feel so alone in the battle against irrelevancy.

Me And My Muse Episode 214

Zombie Radio is back and it’s better than ever. This time around the DJ reaffirms his promise to help his listeners make it through the nightmare with a ray of hope and plenty of snark to boot.

Zombie Radio v2: Ep1

This time around I talk about the importance of being brutally honest with yourself to improve your writing.

Me And My Muse Episode 213

By Jack Wallen It was to be the wedding of their dreams, one that was born of a playful kind of darkness. October 31. All Hallows Eve. Her favorite night of the year. His one day out of 365 to truly be himself. And this year, they would share it […]

Now and Forever

By Mary Ann Peden-Coviello 1993 Walter Calhoun was one of the smallest guys in my junior class at Turkey Creek High School, maybe the smallest. He was a geeky-looking kid to boot, skinny with round, pale brown glasses that matched his pale brown eyes. Almost yellow, his eyes. Other kids, […]


By Bobby Gonzalez About Bobby Bobby Gonzalez is a writer and actor of Cuban descent, based out of Los Angeles. He has an upcoming show for HBO Max titled “The Garcias.”

Help Me Out Here

It’s been a long time since the Zombie Radio Podcast ended. I found a strange comfort and joy in bringing this character back to life, even though his circumstances have clearly changed.

Moments From My Worlds: Zombie Radio

By Dora Abel Rain. Heavy, full drops of rain. The kind of rain that soaked through clothes and seeped into the very bones, making the victim vulnerable to colds. Roselyn, however, was used to it. She had been caught up in worse storms than this, and she had also been […]

Time Claims Us All

By Sean Cochrane Halloween isn’t just my favorite holiday, it’s the greatest holiday in the greatest month. I have the privilege of being an October baby. Being born five days before Halloween is awesome for a kid, especially one that loves all the creepy spooky stuff. I’d imagine it made […]

Best Birthday Ever

by Marian Allen Halloween made it so easy. Baba Yaga could remember when parents kept their children indoors on All Hallows Eve, huddled around a fire, with fearsomely carved and lit root vegetables on either side of the door, treats left on the stoop for the spirits. Now, the evening […]

Trick and Treat and Trick and Treat

By Sara Marian               I watch as the living cross the threshold yet again, bearing with them all their worldly possessions. First two women, one elderly. Then a man, a youth, and a girl no longer quite a child, but not yet a woman. The younger of the first pair of […]

Keep the Lights On

By Brent Abell Gwen kicked the beer can off the sidewalk and watched it bounce into the gutter. Dust swirled around her ankles in the cooling night while the echo from the can faded into silence. The tattered witch costume Gwen wore kept the chill from reaching her bones no […]

Light One For Me

Hell’s Muse is a very complex horror novel I wrote a few years ago. This is a short film I created from that story … a look inside the mind and life of the main character, Bob.

Moments From My Worlds: Hell’s Muse

By Leila Toba Autumn leaves scuttled upon the driveway, in a helpless battle between the gusty winds and the excited crowd of women that crunched their expensive heels on the concrete. It was the most exciting night of the week, or, at least the most exciting night of the week […]