Must read for horror/thriller fans: Hope for the Wicked

I was having a discussion, the other day, with a fellow writer. Said fellow writer was very much a fan of the traditional publishing method of claiming “authorship”. The discussion inevitably turned down the path of how a few rotten apples ruin the reputation for so many small presses. To that I brought up Edward […]

Misfit Monday: Heidi Ruby Miller (gets Jack’d)

Heidi Ruby Miller is a seriously mad woman. Not mad as in, you better watch it or she WILL pee in your Cheerios, but mad as in, There be whales aboard! Kinda mad. Voices in the head kinda mad. Oh, wait… I just described the whole of the writer clan. Actually, Heidi is quite an […]

Skip Abrahm and real-world heroes

As many of you know, I am taking a very short breaking from the zombieverse to go back to some of my best friends in the Fringe Killer series. At the moment I am about twenty five percent complete with the first draft of Endgame and I wanted to share with you something I experienced […]

Sample Sunday: Gothica

Today is #samplesunday again and this time I am treating you will snippet from my first paranormal thriller, Gothica. For those of you who do not know of Gothica, the description reads a little something like this: In the second book of the “Fringe Killer” series, Detective Davenport finds herself dealing with horror brought to […]

Sample Sunday: A Blade Away

It’s been a while since I ran a sample of A Blade Away. This particular scene is one that displays one of Lakme’s tragic flaws — and another brutal glimpse into his past. Purchase A Blade Away on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or in Paperback from Amazon.

Sample Sunday: Gothica

Could it be Sunday already? If so, that could only mean one thing: Sample Sunday! That’s right everyone — Sample Sunday, that day where indie authors post up samples of their work for you to read and enjoy. This time I dug deep into the heart of my paranormal thriller, Gothica, and gave out a […]

Paperback editions have arrived!

That’s correct…the paperback editions of both I Zombie I and Gothica are now available from Exciting times, these are.

Sample Sunday: A Blade Away

Yet another sample for everyone to partake in. This one is from my first book A Blade Away. I wanted to highlight this particular chapter to show a moment when the killer displays just how out of control he has become. This is not a scene with a victim — only him inside his car. […]

Sample Sunday: Gothica

Here’s another sample for your #SampleSunday pleasure. This is from my latest book, Gothica. Gothica is a paranormal thriller in the Fringe Killer series. For the curious, here’s the description: A killer from the past manages to escape the bonds of time and redefines “horror” for Jamie Davenport. In this new entry to the “fringe-killer” […]

Sample Sunday: Gothica

It’s that time of the week again! Today is Sample Sunday for all of my twitter followers and today’s first treat is a snippet from my newest release – Gothica! To purchase this book visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

Gothica Update

Are you ready to dance with a devil in the dark? I know you are and very soon you will be able to do just that. Within the next couple of days, Gothica should be live and ready to spook you in the middle of the night.