Goodbye Blockbuster

My wife and I were lamenting the closing of the last three hundred Blockbuster brick-and-mortar stores today. Much of the reminiscing was spent romanticizing how much we missed actually going to the store and perusing the selections — sometimes winding up not finding anything we hadn’t seen or anxiously anticipating a new release. The discussion hit me […]

Television 1: Silverscreen 0

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but here goes… Hollywood (and the silver screen) is getting pummelled into oblivion by television. That’s right, I said it — TV is besting Hollywood. And although the spectre of reality TV still poisons the pudding, television is riding a wave of intelligent, provocative […]

American Horror Story: Asylum review

It’s over. Season two of American Horror Story completed last week. And now, American television is left with a vast cavern of a whole. How is that? When there is so much quality programming on at the moment, how is is possible a single show could leave behind such a gaping abyss? It was that […]

My Top “Stuff” for 2012

Don’t deny it, you were waiting for a post of this design. The thrill of knowing just what Jack… okay, I can’t continue the thread of that thought with a serious face. 😉 But what I can do is share with you my top “stuff” for 2012. This can cover music, movies, books, moments… whatever […]

Is television jumping it’s own shark?

Welcome back to the Jackverse, where the power is always on and the soda pop is free flowing! Today’s topic might well be near and dear to you all — television! That’s right TV’s TV! And here in the Jackverse, there’s a theory building up that television itself has jumped the shark. For those that […]

Clive Barker bringing Hellraiser and Nightbreed to TV

When I first read the news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Let me lay this Prada bag of gory glory down on you so you can raise your hands and your voice in celebration: Clive Barker is attempting to bring both Hellraiser and Nightbreed to life in the form of two fabulous television series. Now, […]

TV One Season Wonders

With Hollywood unable to create anything but reboots, sequels, prequels, and crap, many are turning back to good ol’ TV. But some tune in to find their favorite show gone! What gives? You ask “Why in the frak did Hollywood cancel that show while all this dreck is still inducing people to go slack jaw […]

The Walking Dead: The question of humanity

The Walking Dead has brought some serious street cred to the zombie. And it’s about damn time! The Vampire has had his sparkly time in the spotlight. So move over Count Abula and let some moaners and walkers have their fifteen minutes (but let’s give them a bit more than that, as it takes them […]

Humpday Horror: Christmas horror movies to get you through the holidays

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a nightmare! All that good cheer, the family, the prezzies, the snow… the pressure! So what’s a horror fan to do? I know, watch some holiday-themed horror films! That’s right, holiday horror! So I thought I would list out some of my favorite (and mostly cheese-tastic) horror films […]

Review: The Walking Dead Season 2:1

When last we met our intrepid crew from The Walking Dead they were leaping from an exploding CDC. But more than that — the show itself was starting to slowly descend into too much feel-good family fluff about sisters and dolphin necklaces and too much concern for everything BUT the namesake of the series — the undead. With […]