How do you explain “Shero”?

If you don’t already know, I write a little series about a transgender superhero called Shero. When people first started asking me what the series was about, I used to respond with “It’s a superhero parody.” I’ve since opened my eyes to a truth even I didn’t see. Shero isn’t a parody in any shape […]

Television 1: Silverscreen 0

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but here goes… Hollywood (and the silver screen) is getting pummelled into oblivion by television. That’s right, I said it — TV is besting Hollywood. And although the spectre of reality TV still poisons the pudding, television is riding a wave of intelligent, provocative […]

News Zombie News

That’s right, I can enjoy a nice good natured ribbing at my book titles. Hey, if you can’t make fun of yourself… Now, where was I? Oh yes, the I Zombie series. There’s lot’s cooking in that crock pot o’ death and I wanted to make sure the Jackverse was as up to date as […]

Here’s where the story… begins!

Ladies and gentlegiants of the Jackverse, Hell’s Muse has been shipped to edit! That means but one thing — a new project! But what to begin? I’ve bounced back and forth between ideas so much my head is swimming with possibility. But, in the end, I must make a choice and begin the beguine again. […]

Get your fan photos in

Hello everyone in the Jackverse (And for those that aren’t sure of what “Jackverse” means: It’s anyone who dips their toes into my little world — and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part.)! I have something fun I want to start. This “fun” was born of an idea I […]

Fabulous Friday: Shero Approved Comic Books

Superheroes and comics go hand in hand. Thing is, there are so many comics out there, how are you to know which comics are smexy enough for your lovely eyes? Well, everyone’s favorite transgender superhero happens to be a closet comic book nerd, so he though he’d share with you the comic books that are: […]

Writely Advice: It’s all about balance

Recently I had an extended conversation with a dear writer friend that spanned a vast number of topics. From that conversation a number of conclusions were drawn — but one of the most important conclusions was the different types of writers there are. I’m not talking about genre writers or those that hand write first […]

A question for my readers

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jack-verse, I have a Dog Star level question for you at this moment. It’s not a hard question (nor will you be graded on your response), but it’s one I’ve been pondering of late and decided maybe it would be best to reach out to those that matter the most […]