A first listen to the remastered Vapor Trails

There are but two things I go fanboy over — Clive Barker and Rush. And today, something special came in the mail. No it’s not a Geddy Lee autographed “Slappin’ da bass mahn” Rickenbacher bass — it was the newly released remastered version of Rush’s Vapor Trails album. This was something very special. Let me […]

Favorite Songs of the Year 1986-2013

“If music be the food of life, play on!” I make no bones about the fact that music is precious cargo to me. To that end, I decided, for whatever reason, to list out my favorite songs of the year, starting with my high school graduation date to the current year. These are not facts […]

My Top “Stuff” for 2012

Don’t deny it, you were waiting for a post of this design. The thrill of knowing just what Jack… okay, I can’t continue the thread of that thought with a serious face. 😉 But what I can do is share with you my top “stuff” for 2012. This can cover music, movies, books, moments… whatever […]

Timeless music: A review of Rush’s Clockwork Angels

As everyone in the Jackverse knows, I am a huge Rush fan and have been since I was in middle school. Recently they released their twentieth studio album (that’s right — 20). The power trio from Canada had released three of the songs from the recording as singles: Caravan BU2B Headlong Flight Each single proved […]