First review of Hell’s Muse is in

From Imaquolatta’s Irreverent Blog, she titles her review for Hell’s Muse “Heavenly Writing on a Hellish Subject” and goes on to say: “The story is in several layers, a novel within a novel. The characters come at you in snapshots, mostly because this dark carnival ride moves extremely quickly. The story flies. Jack’s writing at times […]

Timeless music: A review of Rush’s Clockwork Angels

As everyone in the Jackverse knows, I am a huge Rush fan and have been since I was in middle school. Recently they released their twentieth studio album (that’s right — 20). The power trio from Canada had released three of the songs from the recording as singles: Caravan BU2B Headlong Flight Each single proved […]

Review: The Walking Dead Season 2:1

When last we met our intrepid crew from The Walking Dead they were leaping from an exploding CDC. But more than that — the show itself was starting to slowly descend into too much feel-good family fluff about sisters and dolphin necklaces and too much concern for everything BUT the namesake of the series — the undead. With […]

American Horror Story: Creeptastic fears too much for the average public viewer

It finally arrived — a horror series worthy of the genre “horror”. It’s been a long time since I could say a television horror series had serious potential. American Horror Story is just that — full of potential. But the horrors this show brings might well be too much for the average public viewer.

Reviews coming in fast and furious

I have to say, I’ve been a bit negligent in keeping my readership up on the latest reviews coming in for my books. Lately, they’ve been pouring in and they’ve been all quite good. I thought I would share some snippets with you all.