The grand scheme of things

We’ve all said it before — “in the grand scheme of things…” What does it mean? When you drop in relativity, that grand scheme stranges out very quickly. Not only that, but moment to moment the grand scheme shifts and morphs. So, what is the grand scheme of things? Let’s go all Tears For Fears […]

The 10 laws of Jack

Everything in nature must adhere to laws — physics, math, the food chain, the bro code… everything has it’s fundamental guideposts to follow. The Jackverse is not immune to such laws. Of course, in the Jackverse, only I must really abide by these laws — even should the Dude himself pass by, he would not […]

Skip Abrahm and real-world heroes

As many of you know, I am taking a very short breaking from the zombieverse to go back to some of my best friends in the Fringe Killer series. At the moment I am about twenty five percent complete with the first draft of Endgame and I wanted to share with you something I experienced […]

Damn Day Job

Let’s face it, if you are a writer or a creative type of any sort you hold a great deal of sympathy when I mention how much my day job gets in the way of my creative process. Seriously, give it some thought — we typically work eight hours a day. During those eight hours […]

Overwhelmed in 140 characters or less

OMG! @jlwallen wnts us to trend hz book #ABLADEAWAY asap. R U with me #indiewriters? How much does that sentence really say? Read between the lines, see what there is to see within the magic of the characters. Something that started out as a simply way for people to microblog every moment of their lives […]

Jennifer Hudock: Where I started

If I had been able to talk when I was born, I wonder if I’d have come out into the world making things up. As a little girl I not only loved to be the center of attention, but I liked to garner that attention with the most outrageous and ridiculous stories. In elementary school […]

Staring at my screen

I wanted to write something profound today. I really did. I wanted to fire up WordPress and pen some verbiage that would make everyone just stare at their screens in absolute astonishment and shame that they hadn’t written those very same words. Instead, I found myself just staring at my screen…totally void of anything to […]

Moments that make your heart melt

Back when I was in graduate acting school (Go Boilermakers!) I had a movement teach who served as my first real role model. One day in class he instructed every student to go roam the campus in search of something, anything, that would move us. During that exorcise I happened across a thirteen-lined ground squirrel […]