Sample This: T-Minus Zero

It’s almost upon us! By the time this week is written up in the annals of history, the prequel to the I Zombie series, T-Minus Zero, will  be available. To get you even further pumped, here is chapter one of that novel!

I Zombie I Series cover reboot

Ladies and gentlement of the Dark Hayride, I give to you the first look at the full line up of the cover reboot for the I Zombie I series. Take a gander at these sexy beauties! You may drool in fear if you like. Just make sure you have your straight-jacket on first.

I Zombie I Audio Book: Chapter 4

I Zombie I: Chapter 4

Five obscure horror films to spook you through the weekend

October is made for horror! Books, movies, music… your CLOSET! Bwahahaha. The means to a haunted end are so plentiful, it’s often hard to know where to start. That, my lovelies and gentleghouls, is where I come in. That’s right, the Zombie King has a few recommendations that will help you get your fright on […]

Where did all the monsters go?

Pinhead Jason Voorhees Michael Myers Freddie Kruger Pumpkinhead The Tall Man Pazuzu The eighties brought to life some of the most feared and iconic monsters to ever rule the screen and our nightmares. But something happened between then and now to erase the bringing of fear and fright from the silver screen and the printed […]

The homogenization correlation

I was riding my bike the other day (as I am wont to do) and noticed a number of new eateries popping up around my stomping grounds. Now, I should mention that Louisville, Kentucky has a LOT of really cool, unique places to break bread that are menu, style, and user-base specific. It’s actually suprising […]

Claudia Lefeve gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlechums, the getting of jack’d has been on one Hell of a serious ride lately. Continuing on with the trend, I have another major player in the game of awesome. This time around it’s Claudia Lefeve. A lover of skulls, pugs, and one of my favorite television shows. Are you ready for this? […]

New (and different) projects

Most of what I speak of here is my writing (or things related to the genres I write about). But there are other facets to Jack that you might not know about… and one of those facets has some projects about to be tackled. I thought I’d share some of the “news” with the Jackverse […]