A Halloween giveaway!


To celebrate the month of months, I’m unleashing one title for free each weekend of October. Here’s the schedule to share with your friends and enemies. Oct 3-5 I Zombie I freeOct 10-12 Screampark freeOct 17-19 A Blade Away freeOct 24-26 Hell’s Muse free During those weekends, get to Amazon and snag your free copy of […]

My top 13 horror movies

In celebration of this most recent Friday the 13th, I thought it would be a fun task of listing out my top thirteen horror films. From this list, you can pick and choose which horrific delights you watch on the second most spooky night of the year (top honors, naturally, going to Halloween). And so, […]

Happy Halloween!

Muhaha! It’s Halloween… not only in the Jackverse, but EVERYWHERE! It’s time for everyone of a spookier nature to crawl out from under the planks and graves to walk among the normal and living. Freak flags are high on this, the most coveted of holidays for the horror-loving ilk. Normally I would have loved to […]

The Monster Cage Match: Candyman vs. Jeepers Creepers

The Monster Cage Match continues on. Last time the fight from Hell took place, Candyman took down Freddie Kreuger. It was snark vs. basso profundo — with ‘the voice’ coming out on top! This time around Candyman has to go up against a rather horrible foe with nasty leather wings and a penchant for eyeballs […]

The Monster Cage Match: Freddy vs. Candyman

In the first bought of the Monster Mash, Freddy Krueger put a stop to any possible sparkly, shimmery vampire shenanigans. But this time, Freddy is up against a foe with considerably less teen appeal. Can Freddy defend the crown of bone and blood he currently wears atop is ragged and flensed head? Let’s find out.

The Monster Cage Match (from Hell)

It’s October and October means Halloween. Halloween means horror and horror means monsters. We all have our favorite monsters, but have we ever wondered just which monsters would win in a fight to the death (or undeath, as it were)? Well, I’ve always wondered this very thing, so I wanted to take some time (maybe […]

Get the Indie Eclective Halloween Collection now

The Indie Eclective: What is it, who are they, and why can they spell neither “eclectic” nor “collective” correctly? The Indie Eclective is an ensemble of authors operating under the assumption that Readers like Good Books. The Halloween Collection showcases spooky reads from nine very different authors.