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One of my beta readers for the upcoming My Zombie My came up with a brilliant idea last night for a promotion for the book — a mock “radio station” slash site akin to those used in My Zombie My. Follow Email PostShare on Tumblr

Zombie promotions and beta readers

Ask any indie author and, aside from sales, the one thing they will all say they need more of are reviews. It’s almost a universal. How is this possible? People read and review books. There are seemingly countless sites out there dedicated to the book review. There’s a catch…always a […]

Reviewer sites should open their hearts and minds

I am not only a writer, I am a reader (they go hand-in-hand after all). And seeing as how I am an indie author (check out the right navigation for purchase links to my ever-growing catalog) it would only make sense that I would read other indie authors. Follow Email […]

My dedication to the indie author front

One of the more influential indie reviewers out there gave I Zombie I a chance. When I heard she was reviewing it, I have to admit I was nervous as an alterboy on Sunday morning, but my nervousness was all for naught, as she loved the book! Follow Email PostShare […]

I Zombie I Review

My life has become so incredibly busy. I basically hold two full-time jobs, have a family, oh — and I try to write and promote my books. Needless to say, it’s exhausting. On the book front, I have three books going at once (all three at different stages) and have […]

Write or Promote: That is the real question

It’s been a frustrating week for our dear friend Jack and his book I Zombie I. Why is that? Well, after much consideration and attempts to salvage the digital recorder Jacob used in the book, it was ultimately decided the device simply didn’t work. After three or four attempts at […]

I Zombie I update

It simply won’t go away. At least not until we indie writers find that ideal sweat spot that keeps consumers coming back. It’s an incredibly frustrating issue among the indie community for a number of reasons, but primarily because the consumer community seems to want to keep the price of […]

Why I am against the .99 cent price

I wanted to post something quick to bring to light some news to everyone. It’s nothing earth-shattering, life-changing, or time-travel worthy, but it’s still news that begs repeating. Are you ready for it? Are you suuuuuure? Follow Email PostShare on Tumblr

News that’s news worthy

Writing Believable Antagonists As long as I’ve been reading and writing, I’ve had a soft spot for well-drawn villains and antagonists. Even as a kid, I found myself sitting on the sidelines quietly rooting for cartoon villains like Wyle E. Coyote and Gargamel. It wasn’t because I hated the Roadrunner, […]

Guest Post: Jennifer Melzer