2015: A year for change


What a difference a year can make…you’ve heard it from nearly every corner of every clique and cliche-ridden mouthpiece willing to spout off about what was, what is, and what shall be. But this time, the cliche holds true. This coming year could be the year for change — on an all-consuming level. Social, political, economical […]

In respect and defense of indie artists

Imogen Heap, Mazzy Star, Jackson Pollack, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Samuel Barber, Damien Rice, Death Cab for Cutie… any of these sound familiar? They should. These are all artists, of various mediums, that are (or were) all considered “indie”. Typically, being an “indie” artists brings along with it a certain respect and status. Those artists aren’t beholden […]

Make the most out of your convention

During the last week of Septemter 2012, I had the pleasure of attending Scarefest as a dealer. My booth was proudly displayed on Celebrity Row and I got to spend the entire weekend staring and chatting with the likes of Nicholas Vince, Doug Bradly, Tony Todd, Denise Crosby, and much more. It was a fanboy’s […]

Talkin’ ’bout Meme Generation

I’ll confess, I’m not a Who fan, but the title was a perfect fit to something I want to address. What’s that, the Jackverse cries out? MEMES. Say what? You mean those guys in the black and white that clowns hate? No my dears, not MIMES…MEMES. And why are MEMES something to be addressed? Because […]

Writely Advice: Turn away from rankings

Last week I had one of those moments where I though my heart was going to slosh out of my nether-holes and I was just going to give up the writer ghost. Okay, I kid — I didn’t let it effect me THAT badly; but I must channel George Washington and say I cannot tell […]

Writely Advice: The Writer Brand

When you think of brand, what comes to mind? Any number of images, sound bites, catch phrases, etc pop up to smack you upside the mind’s eye. Why does that happen? Because marketing execs are paid large sums of money to ensure that those brand names are burned into your psyche. And it pays off. […]

Fabulous Friday: Klockwerk Kabaret

The people have spoken! Recently I asked my readers what they would have me write next. I have a huge TBW (To Be Written) pile, and wanted to know what YOU wanted to read next. Well, you spoke up. Via Facebook, Twitter, email, and my blog; you let me know, with near consensus, what you […]

Get Jack’d Now Offering Cover Design

I am proud to finally offer cover design as a service for fellow indie authors. And instead of making you pay an arm and a leg to get a professional-looking cover, my rates will be within reason. Find out all the details on my new design site, Adorkable Designs.

Sample Sunday: I Zombie I

Another #samplesunday is upon us and, once again, I wanted to share a sample from the first book in the “I Zombie” trilogy, I Zombie I (purchase for $0.99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble or get it FREE on Smashwords). This time around I thought I’d share the chapter that brought the name of […]

I Zombie I is now FREE!

No, zombies are not roaming free in the streets — yet. Actually, you might want to check before blindly believing that statement. Back to the point…In order to celebrate Zombtember (yeah, I kinda made that up) and the release of the second book in the I Zombie series, My Zombie My, I am officially making […]