First review of Hell’s Muse is in

From Imaquolatta’s Irreverent Blog, she titles her review for Hell’s Muse “Heavenly Writing on a Hellish Subject” and goes on to say: “The story is in several layers, a novel within a novel. The characters come at you in snapshots, mostly because this dark carnival ride moves extremely quickly. The story flies. Jack’s writing at times […]

The Monster Cage Match: Freddy vs. Candyman

In the first bought of the Monster Mash, Freddy Krueger put a stop to any possible sparkly, shimmery vampire shenanigans. But this time, Freddy is up against a foe with considerably less teen appeal. Can Freddy defend the crown of bone and blood he currently wears atop is ragged and flensed head? Let’s find out.

Scarefest is drawing near

Can you believe it’s almost the middle of September? And can you believe I am less than two weeks from participating in my first-ever Scarefest! I’ll be right alongside the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradly, and (shudder) Clive Barker! My participation in Scarefest will be as a vendor to sell my wares. Won’t you […]

Clive Barker bringing Hellraiser and Nightbreed to TV

When I first read the news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Let me lay this Prada bag of gory glory down on you so you can raise your hands and your voice in celebration: Clive Barker is attempting to bring both Hellraiser and Nightbreed to life in the form of two fabulous television series. Now, […]

Fabulous Friday: Fab Five Celebrities

This is a very special Fabulous Friday post, because I wanted to introduce to the world my fab five. These will be a short lists of related things I consider fabulous. Is that not fabtastic? Of course it is! To introduce this post, I want to start off with my Fab Five Celebrities. Don’t expect […]

Five of the scariest books you’ll regret reading (at night)

I love a good scare. And seriously, who doesn’t? Being frightened is a catharsis you don’t find with any other emotional response to an external stimulus. And even better when you’re being scared out of your underpants, nightgown, boxers, or skinsuit, when tucked in safely under mounds of blanket. And as a writer of horror, […]