2015: A year for change


What a difference a year can make…you’ve heard it from nearly every corner of every clique and cliche-ridden mouthpiece willing to spout off about what was, what is, and what shall be. But this time, the cliche holds true. This coming year could be the year for change — on an all-consuming level. Social, political, economical […]

Lana Sibley gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlefunk of the Jackverse, I have the pleasure of bringing to you yet another new author to the zpoc genre! Stand and cheer. No really, get off your butts and shout for none other than Lana Sibley! JW: Sing with me “Christmas time is here … zombies thrive on fear. I can see […]

Scarefest is drawing near

Can you believe it’s almost the middle of September? And can you believe I am less than two weeks from participating in my first-ever Scarefest! I’ll be right alongside the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradly, and (shudder) Clive Barker! My participation in Scarefest will be as a vendor to sell my wares. Won’t you […]

Get your fan photos in

Hello everyone in the Jackverse (And for those that aren’t sure of what “Jackverse” means: It’s anyone who dips their toes into my little world — and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part.)! I have something fun I want to start. This “fun” was born of an idea I […]

Humpday Horror: Writers spamming Writers (and readers)

A long time ago, before Radio Shack was “The Shack”, I stopped going into my favorite place to buy nerd things because the salesmen were all so pushy. I also always refused to step foot onto a car lot because I knew I was in for a heavy-handed sell. I wanted to make a tee […]

Misfit Monday: Heidi Ruby Miller (gets Jack’d)

Heidi Ruby Miller is a seriously mad woman. Not mad as in, you better watch it or she WILL pee in your Cheerios, but mad as in, There be whales aboard! Kinda mad. Voices in the head kinda mad. Oh, wait… I just described the whole of the writer clan. Actually, Heidi is quite an […]