Eric A. Shelman on Middletown Apocalypse


When I was invited to participate in Middletown Apocalypse, orchestrated by Jack Wallen, I was excited. The idea was fresh in the zombie world … as fresh as a heart-attack victim tightrope-walker toppling into a canyon rife with walking dead rotters. Our mission was simple: Write a zombie apocalypse story beginning at Middletown University in […]

Shawn Chesser on Middletown Apocalypse


First off I’d like to thank Jack Wallen for inviting me to write a piece for the upcoming ‘Middletown Apocalypse’ collaboration. What a great group of scribblers to have the privilege of rubbing elbows with! In fact, as I write this, I’m chomping at the bit to read the other ten author’s unique takes on […]

The Dunne Brothers Get Jack’d

The Brothers Dunne. A couple of Aussie blokes who plan on turning Nothing into Something. Let’s cut to a very intimate chase and Jack these two guys. Nes pas? JW: One of my favorite zombie films was given birth in your home land of Australia. Undead. It’s a great mixture of sci-fi and horror and […]

7 Minutes In Hell (audio)


This short story was included in the All Things Zombie: The Gathering Horde anthology. I have recorded it on audiobook format for those that want to give it a listen. I will be expanding this short story into a novella series this year! Click the Play button below to listen.

Lana Sibley gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlefunk of the Jackverse, I have the pleasure of bringing to you yet another new author to the zpoc genre! Stand and cheer. No really, get off your butts and shout for none other than Lana Sibley! JW: Sing with me “Christmas time is here … zombies thrive on fear. I can see […]

Why do I write outside of the apocalypse

One of the questions I get asked a LOT is why do I bother writing books that are outside of the realm of the apocalypse. Currently, I have the following series (or beginning of series): I Zombie The Last Casket Zombie Radio Fringe Killers Klockwerk Kabaret The Nameless Saga Shero The ‘Kind Saga I also […]

The Last Casket release party

Are you ready to rock? Have you been hanging by that unwavering thread on the band of your panties, anxiously anticipating the next release from the zombie king. Well, ladies and gentlefunk of the Zombie Radio Nation…that time is nigh.

The Walking Dead stumbles and bumbles

As a writer of zombie fiction, it gives me so much pleasure to know that the single most popular show on television centers around my favorite genre. When the show first started, it was an exercise in keeping a lid on my excitement. Now, it’s become an exercise in not wanting to punch the screen. […]

2013: The year of the zombie

As you might expect, a headline like that is an appealing teaser to one who makes a living at writing zombie fiction. But that title isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Yes, zombies are hot (thanks to Norman Reedus – I mean, The Walking Dead); and for that I am very thankful. But […]