My Top “Stuff” for 2012

Don’t deny it, you were waiting for a post of this design. The thrill of knowing just what Jack… okay, I can’t continue the thread of that thought with a serious face. But what I can do is share with you my top “stuff” for 2012. This can cover music, movies, books, moments… whatever I […]

Is television jumping it’s own shark?

Welcome back to the Jackverse, where the power is always on and the soda pop is free flowing! Today’s topic might well be near and dear to you all — television! That’s right TV’s TV! And here in the Jackverse, there’s a theory building up that television itself has jumped the shark. For those that […]

Review: American Horror Story episode two

Horror, true horror is such a rarity these days. Decent horror on a television series is even more rare. True, frightening horror on the television is completely unheard of (unless you count the train wreck called reality TV — to me that is just beyond horror!) That is why I am so┬áhesitant┬áto really fall in […]