2 thoughts on “Steampunk Science

  • Joan

    Nice start. Smoke bombs sound like the perfect thing for the steampunk monster. Getting the seal to work quickly once you put the bombs in might take some doing, though. How about 2-sided tape. You can’t close the box till you get the bombs in, but it might seal the edge tightly enough to work? Not a scientist here, sorry. Love all the Bethany books and am currently reading a few compilations of yours with fellow writers. I am trying to read all the Wallen books. Screampark and Shero are up next. Can’t wait for Klockwerk!
    Keep bothering your wife with the smelly things, she’ll ultimately be glad you did!

    • jlwallen Post author


      Thank you so much! I finally figured it out…and it was SO easy. I’ll do a film of the solution very soon. It was so simple…I couldn’t believe it. And thank you for the kind words…it means so much to me.

      I hope you are having a glorious weekend.


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