NOTE: This originally appeared on the blog of author Chad Clark.   Do I offend? One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite John Hughes film. Pretty In Pink. Ducky. Ah the Duckster. The kid I most certainly wanted to be in high school. But I digress. This […]

The Challenge In The Horror by Jack Wallen

In which the writer discusses the idea of breaking his own rules in order to push a narrative beyond the beyond.

Me and My Muse: Episode 21

NOTE: This originally posted somewhere over the rainbow…aka, Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Dane Hatchell has a well-established career in horror and zombies in particular. Much of his work has a sci fi flare to it that I associate with my favorite adventure stories. His style is deep and thought […]

The Case for Dane Hatchell

NOTE: This originally posted in the heartland known as Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Greg Ferrell has been on the zombie tours before. He is in an interesting phase of his writing career where he has developed enough skill and awareness of his voice as a writer to attempt a […]

The Case for Greg Ferrell

NOTE: This originally posted in that magical land I like to call Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn EE Isherwood has six books out in his signature Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series at this point. There is about a 2 year span in the time it took him to write […]

The Case For EE Isherwood

NOTE: This originally posted on the website of–you guessed it–Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Rebecca Besser is a well-established zombie and horror author. She has made an impression in the industry and has an agent working hard to get her work in front of more eyes like it deserves. Besser […]

The Case for Rebecca Besser

NOTE: This originally posted on the site of the magnificent Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn JL Koszarek has been working on stories for quite some time before she was ever published and before her partnership with Thad David on Divide Then Conquer The Zombie Company Crusade series which brought them […]

The Case for JL Koszarek

NOTE: This originally appeared on the site of the always amazing, Jay Wilburn. by Jay Wilburn Jack Wallen is a fixture in the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours. He is also a key player in the zombie genre with his I Zombie series and his ongoing stories in […]

The Case for Jack Wallen

NOTE: This originally appeared on the site of the one, the only…Jay Wilburn.\ Armand Rosamilia is the founder of the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours. We are proud and honored that he has agreed to return as a featured author this year with the release of Dying Days […]

The Case for Armand Rosamilia

NOTE: This post originally rocked out on the website of Jay Wilburn. by Mark Ailes Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse – The Debate Continues… There are questions that have haunted mankind for centuries including: Existence – Why are we here? Death – Is there an afterlife? After Death – Can mankind […]

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

NOTE: This post originally appeared, like magic, on the digital home of none other than Jay Wilburn. by Jack Wallen Could you honestly survive the apocalypse? I spend a good deal of my time dreaming up scenarios surrounded by post-apocalyptic death and destruction. It comes with the territory…being a writer […]

Can You Honestly Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

NOTE: This originally posted on Jay Wilburn (the site, not the man himself). by JL Koszarek “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” —Samuel Johnson September 2nd, 2016 I’m staring […]

Reading in Order to Write

NOTE: #jaywilburnisstillawesome and this was originally posted on his site. by PA Douglas For most authors of the horror genre who write books about zombies, they have their beginnings as fans themselves. For most they lean toward movies like Day of the Dead, Dawn on the Dead, Night of the […]

Hidden Gems of the Genre