THE ARTFUL EDGE OF FRIGHT by Lori R. Lopez I have never consciously approached writing Horror as a woman. I consider myself an author of varied genres, with my own sense of style, and Horror happens to be one of my favorites. I prefer suspense and psychological terrors to gore, […]

Women Of Horror: Lori R. Lopez

Excerpt from Spook Lights: Hag Ride By Eden Royce Frieda got up from her chair and knelt beside the woman who’d taken her in after her mother’s death and raised like her own daughter. “Please. I don’t what else to do.” “What you need to do is leave well enough alone. […]

Eden Royce: Hag Ride

By Eden Royce When I first started writing, I didn’t identify myself online as a black author. Not because I was hiding, I just didn’t think to add it to my online profile. No, I didn’t have a picture up at the time because they always make me look fatter […]

Writing Horror While Black

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Kasey Pierce’s “Finding Poe”. Publisher, Source Point Press First edition published by Rocket Ink Studios “With a face of stone, he clenched his molars, making more plasma seep through his lips. His look was returned […]

Kasey Pierce: Sins of the Father

Why Horror? Being a female, I’ve been asked a lot of gender-centric questions. None of which bothers or offends me. To be quite honest, I’m rather indifferent when it comes to the topic. A niche, a gimmick…however the card might be played, I never really thought about it. I just […]

Women Of Horror: Kasey Pierce

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Sparrow Black’s “Seizures”. Seems we chose a bad day to set out. The rain poured all through the night and when we woke up the world was covered in a dense fog. Even though I don’t […]

Sparrow Black: Seizures

Don’t Work Too Hard, You’ll Scare Yourself! By Sparrow Black Growing up in my household in the 80s and early 90s was a great experience for a bookworm. No matter where we moved to or what house we lived in there was always this wall of books that my parents […]

Women Of Horror: Sparrow Black

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Leigh M. Lane’s “Finding Poe”. The rain and lightning had abated, so that now a thin fog crept over the peaks of the dead lawn, slowly moving and swirling around the other greenery and dissipating […]

Leigh M. Lane: Finding Poe

I first fell in love with dark fiction when I discovered The Twilight Zone, the horrific thrill of fantastic worlds laden with cosmic justice capturing my very young and impressionable heart. Although I was first inspired to take hand to paper by the works of Roald Dahl and Caroline Keene […]

Women Of Horror: Leigh M. Lane

In which the writer smashes his head up against a creative wall and tricks his brain to think differently.

Me And My Muse Episode 27

Ladies and gentlemoose, it has been a while since there has been a good jacking around here. To solve that remission, I reached out to fellow audiophile and writer, Todd Skaggs. And so, without further ado, let’s jack this place up! JW: I’m currently listening to Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” album. […]

Todd Skaggs Gets Jack’d

The idea was simple: Gather a group of some of the best writers in the apocalyptic genre, give them parameters for a story, and let them go. That’s how Middletown Apocalypse came into being. The first book was an experiment…me wanting to show the world how individual writer voices can […]

Middletown 2 is now available!