What happens when #WinterZombie gets all dressed up for the undead prom? It asks Thad David to attend to senior formal, that’s what! NOTE: This originally published on the amazing Wilburn’s website. Jay Wilburn, that is. Jay Wilburn: Hey, you’re really dressed up for this interview. Are you in the right […]

Spotlight On Thad David

#WinterZombie couldn’t resist plunging its nasty icicles into my own festering flesh. NOTE: This originally published on the amazing Wilburn’s website. Jay Wilburn, that is. Jay Wilburn: Your mother named you something. What was it?! Jack Wallen: Jack Wallen Jay: That sounds like a super spy’s name. Jack: That is […]

Spotlight on Jack Wallen

ee cummings has nothing on EE Isherwood…not when #WinterZombie wraps its cold, undead fingers around his heart. What I mean to say is…enjoy this spotlight on EE Isherwood. NOTE: This originally published on the amazing Wilburn’s website. Jay Wilburn, that is. Jay Wilburn: Identify yourself! EE Isherwood: I’m EE Isherwood […]

Spotlight On EE Isherwood

#WinterZombie sends the blue of its chill into that of my hair-twin, Jaime Johnesee. Are you ready for THAT much awesome? Prepare yourself. Jay Wilburn: What do people call you?! Jaime Johnesee: Jaime Johnesee, but most folks call me JJ. Jay: I misspell your name a lot. JJ: It happens […]

Spotlight On Jaime Johnesee

Someone ate all my White Castles and M&Ms! That’s cold…like #WinterZombie cold. And when White Castles and M&Ms are pilfered, it can only mean one thing…Armand Rosamilia. NOTE: This was originally posted on the official site of the magnificent, Jay Wilburn. Jay Wilburn: Do I know you? Armand Rosamilia: I’m […]

Spotlight on Armand Rosamilia

Is it getting chilly in here, or are you just happy to see me? I know, that doesn’t make any sense. But it’s #WinterZombie time…so we toss logic and reason out the door in place of undead fun. This time around, the fun is all about Rebecca Besser! NOTE: This […]

Spotlight on Rebecca Besser

#WinterZombie has kicked up a full-on, blustery storm. One of the first spotlights of the year is Mark Cusco Ailes. NOTE: This spotlight was originally blogged on Jay Wilburn’s Official Site. Jay Wilburn: What’s your name? Mark Cusco Ailes: Mark Cusco Ailes Jay: What is the title of your latest release? […]

Spotlight On Mark Cusco Ailes

NOTE: This originally posted in the garden of funk I like to call Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Jaime Johnesee is a returning author to the Summer and Winter of Zombie cycles. Her Bob stories have made appearances more than once along the way. As many readers know, Bob is […]

The Case for Jaime Johnesee

You may not be aware, but I’ve been doing Facebook Live events. That’s right…my goofy mug and strange perspective has found its way into yet another medium. In the name of sharing, I thought it would be a good thing to curate my events in one handy location. Here. That’s […]

Curating my Facebook Live events

I am currently working on the third book in the Nameless Saga and wanted to give you a taste of what you were in for. This particular snippet is from the most recent bit of crafting I did and is gives us a quick glance at The Engineer, the creator […]

A taste of Hell