NOTE: #jaywilburnisstillawesome and this was originally posted on his site. by PA Douglas For most authors of the horror genre who write books about zombies, they have their beginnings as fans themselves. For most they lean toward movies like Day of the Dead, Dawn on the Dead, Night of the […]

Hidden Gems of the Genre

NOTE: This originally posted on Check out this teaser from Divide Then Conquer, book 1 of the Zombie Company Crusade and then pick up the book. Divide Then Conquer Teaser by Thad David & JL Koszarek They say it happened suddenly and on the surface, it did. “The Scourge” […]

Teaser from Divide The Conquer by Thad David & JL ...

NOTE: This originally posted in the hallowed halls of In honor of being a part of this year’s Winter of Zombie blog tour here is a set of short stories written exclusively for the visitors to the tour. These were started back during the Summer of Zombie tour 2015. […]

A Day In My Undead Life by Tony the Zombie ...

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share with everyone the cover and description of my first book with Devil Dog Press! The title is A Tale of Two Reapers. The job of reaping is a lonely one. Why? There has only ever been one Reaper. Grim has […]

A Tale of Two Reapers

NOTE: This originally posted on the site of Jay Wilburn. You know the drill. by Jessica Gomez That’s the question I find myself asking. What is that one thing that you couldn’t live without in a Zombie apocalypses? Last year, I posted about what food you would search the end […]

What is that one thing?

NOTE: Jay Wilburn, Jay Wilburn, Jay Wilburn! <– That’s where this originally posted (if you haven’t figured it out by now). Check out the teaser and then pick up Where Fallen Angel Lie or Whiskey Jack. Preview of: Where Fallen Angels Lie by Brice Chandler They slipped from tree to […]

Teaser from Where Fallen Angel Lie by Brice Chandler

NOTE: Get this, and more, first hand on Oh joy…oh rapture. By Alathia Morgan So this is the trigger warning this post might bother the sensitive or conservative in thoughts or ideals. I did name my blog unique life views for a reason so here goes. I have been […]

Violence, Church, and Zombies … Oh, my!

NOTE: No one does Jay Wilburn like Jay Wilburn! by EE Isherwood I’m a newcomer to writing books. I hit “go” on my first novel in December 2015, and published my sixth in September 2016. But I’ve been reading post-apocalyptic and zombie literature for decades. That made it easy for […]

Zombies within Zombies

NOTE: Did you know Jay Wilburn is a great guy? If you don’t believe me, check out his web site (where this teaser originally posted). Check out this sample of Humanity’s Hope and then start the series now! From Humanity’s Hope by Greg Ferrell There’s No Place Like home Camp […]

Teaser from Humanity’s Hope by Greg Ferrell

NOTE: This originally posted somewhere in another time, another place…in the age of wonder known as Jay Wilburn. Once you finish reading, pick up Infected Waters by Alathia Morgan. From Infected Waters by Alathia Morgan “What happened?” Jonathan pulled her closer to help keep them both on their feet. “Our […]

Teaser from Infected Water: A Titanic Disaster by Alathia Morgan

NOTE: This originally posted in the hallowed halls of the Jay Wilburn sanctum sanctorum. by Dane Hatchell I became caught up in the zombie craze several years ago reading anthologies. (Side note, many of the unknown authors back then went on to be popular novelist today). Short stories are a […]

A Reaction to Patient Zero by a Master of the ...

NOTE: This originally posted on an angel from Heaven’s page (some call him, Jay Wilburn). Bob the Tacoholic is the latest work from Jaime Johnesee. Check out other Bob stories too. From Bob The Tacoholic by Jaime Johnesee I have an affinity for tacos. It started before I died but continues […]

Teaser from Bob the Tacoholic

NOTE: This originally posted on the loving site of the one zpoc author shorter than myself, Jay Wilburn.   Check out this teaser from Jack Wallen’s Buy Zombie Buy, then buy it! Or begin with I Zombie I. From Buy Zombie Buy by Jack Wallen one | just run “Go.” […]

Teaser from Buy Zombie Buy by Jack Wallen

NOTE: Armand and Jay are BFFs. It says so on Jay’s Website. Teaser sample from the pages of the latest Dying Days book Dying Days 7 by Armand Rosamilia. From Dying Days 7 by Armand Rosamilia Chapter One Tosha Shorb stabbed another prone zombie in the head with her metal […]

Teaser of Dying Days 7 by Armand Rosamilia