Broadway World announced my upcoming novel, “Defying Gravity.” For those that have never heard of the site, BroadwayWorld is a theatre news website based in New York City that publishes daily coverage of Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional, and international theatre productions. The website publishes theatre news, interviews, reviews, and media coverage […]

BroadwayWorld announces “Defying Gravity”.

In which the writer unveils an interesting “trick”, borrowed from the world of music theory, he uses in his writing.

Me And My Muse Episode 157

Need help with your writing efficiency? Here the writer discusses how he is able to write a full-length, first draft manuscript in two months.

Me And My Muse Episode 156

In which the writer discusses that living the “normal” life isn’t an option for artists (and why giving up isn’t an option).

Me And My Muse Episode 153

In which the writer attempts to wrap his mind around dealing with mistakes (and hopefully helps you to do the same).

Me And My Muse Episode 152

Jack Wallen discusses the writing process (and a number of writing-adjacent topics) with Anna Meade Engard.

Writer 2 Writer Episode 3

In which the writer posits there’s not only two types of writers (pantsers and plotters), but three. Find out if you fit into this new type.

Me And My Muse Episode 149

In which the writer tells a story that should have every other writer cringing and making sure their backups are working.

Me And My Muse Episode 148