I thought it would be a fun little exercise to pen the Twelve Days of Christmas through the eyes of…you guessed it, a writer! So hold onto your fuzzy red hats, let’s Christmas up this bitch!

The twelve days of writing

Ladies and gentlefunk, get ready for something entirely special and delicious. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome to the Dark Hayride, fellow zpoc author, Claire C Riley. Let’s spare the intros and get to the juicy bits.

Claire C Riley Gets Jack’d

In honor of Friday the 13th, I am giving away ebook copies of both I Zombie I and Klockwerk Kabaret for FREE! That’s right, Dec 13th and 14th you can get free ebook copies of these books to nom and slurp. Do it now. Now, I say! Oh, you want […]

Flash sale! Get it now

The Beastie Boys said in the song ‘Pass the Mic’, “Be true to yourself and you will never fall.” Never were wiser words said by three Jewish rappers from New York City. For me, that kind of mantra has been crucial in the discovery and acceptance of me. I am […]

Accept yourself

As this Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, I wanted to share my thanks to those that have come on board the dark hayride along with me. I originally posted these on my Facebook page, and thought it would be good to collect them all in one easy to digest, tryptophan-laced […]

To be thankful, fer sure!

My wife and I were lamenting the closing of the last three hundred Blockbuster brick-and-mortar stores today. Much of the reminiscing was spent romanticizing how much we missed actually going to the store and perusing the selections — sometimes winding up not finding anything we hadn’t seen or anxiously anticipating a new […]

Goodbye Blockbuster

As most of you know, I have a vested interest in this subject. Why? First and foremost, I placed the survival of mankind on the shoulders of one Bethany Nitshimi. I did this knowing I might lose the attention of some fans of the genre — a fact I am […]

Women and the apocalypse

The other night my wife and I were walking around our local Target store enjoying a capitalist repast. I noticed, ahead of us, an older lady clad in a leopard-print dress that hit her about mid thigh. She was sporting some seriously high heels and tastefully done make up. She […]

A matter of appearance

Have you ever been involved in an emergency situation or a natural disaster? Maybe you’ve just heard of them on the news or from a friend or relative; whatever the case, most of us don’t understand the importance of preparing until it’s too late. Don’t be a victim! Learn from […]

Practical Guide to Survive Anything…even a zombie apocalypse

Hell’s Muse was published a while ago. That book is the beginning of the Nameless Saga and will spawn plenty of nasty, terror-filled, horror-filled nightmares. The second of the series will begin soon…until then, I want to offer up for your pleasure, a lead-in short that will serve as the […]

The Devil Inside

Have you ever had those moments where the lights are on, but everything is as dark as pitch?  If you know of which I speak, then these lullabies for the damned should ring a bell so true you might wonder if you can trust yourself with the lights out. Come […]

Dark Poetry: Lullabies for the Damned

The Rusty Blade Tell me something secret Whisper into my ear Make love to my damaged sorrow With your self-defeating fear. What little light you brought to life Is forfeit now and ever We’ll dance a twisted spider walk To begin a new endeavor. My rusted blade it dives and […]

Dark Poetry: The Rusty Blade

As I type, the 2013 Coffin Hop is undead and kicking! If you’re unaware of this wondrous time of year, it is a celebration of authors of the dark fantastic. Horror authors of every bent collect together on one site so you, the reader, can enjoy works sure to get […]

Let’s go to the Coffin Hop

I wanted to give everyone a treat before the most hallowed of nights arrives. This treat is from the up-coming eighth novel in the I Zombie series, Cry Zombie Cry. If you’ve read enough the series, you know how fond I am of nightmare scenes. Here is one I’m confident […]

A taste of Cry Zombie Cry

I could come up with lists of horror films to fit nearly any topic. This time around, I want to introduce you to my favorite female-centric horror films. What does that mean? Simple — horror films that center around a female protagonist, a female killer, or films that just exude […]

Favorite female-centric horror films