Have you ever heard of the perpetual motion machine? It’s a device that is supposed to, once started, continue indefinitely.  This kind of machine is actually impossible, because it would defy the first and second law of thermodynamics. Don’t worry, this isn’t a lesson in thermodynamics or kinetic energy. This is […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 14

Yesterday I was out for my daily run (when I do my best and deepest thinking) and my mind started grappling with the subject of genre. Specifically…romance. You see, I never thought I’d ever pen a romance. I’m a horror author, after all, and there is no room for love […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 12

We artists are an odd lot. From every angle we seem to willingly go up against odds very much stacked against us. I’ve faced down that demon for three decades and those glowing eyes never dim, never blink. That’s only a fragment of the challenge that makes the victory all […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 11

It happened again yesterday. The dreaded “drop off”. Suicide Station had a brief tumble off the Hot & Trending list. I remember the first day this happened…it sent me into a plié of panic. The rate the campaign was going, I assumed I could cruise to the end with a perfect […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 10

And so I sit here listening to Arm Cast Podcast, in which I was brought on as a guest to speak about my Kindle Scout campaign. The episode was recorded on day two of the campaign and hearing what I had to say then is quite interesting to hear. I was […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 9

And thus begins week, the second. I had an interesting moment today–one that was both cause for celebration and concern (I like to live dangerously). It happened when I was looking for images to use to create some Suicide Station promo goodies. I hopped onto my bestie, Google, and first […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 8

The world of authors is simultaneously growing ever-larger and ever-smaller. Wait, how is that possible? Doesn’t that break some law of physics somewhere? Wouldn’t that make Stephen Hawkings punch an innocent passerby? Let me explain. It should go without saying that Amazon has been a boon to writers. With the […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 7

And on the fifth day, he did rest. Whatever. There is no rest for the wicked…or the Kindle Scout campaign. Remember a few posts ago, I offered up the playlist and mentioned how Anneke Van Giersbergen had served as an inspiration for the roll of Candy? Take a gander at that […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 5

I am officially 1/6th of the way through the Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign. I woke up this morning, only to find that someone had stolen an hour from my life. After the haze of sleep wore off, I remembered it was that dastardly daylight savings time. So instead of […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 4

This morning, while out on my run, I came up with a playlist for Suicide Station. As many of you know, music is a huge part of my life and my writing. Woven within the very fabric of my work you’ll find countless references to music. My words are a veritable […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 3

Would that be Kupdate? Nah, that sounds too much like a date with a cupcake…which, in the end, sounds like one heck of a good time. I’ve had many a date with a cupcake. But this post isn’t about cupcakes (would that it were), it’s about Kindle Scout. Or, rather, […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 2

So my first day of the Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign is done and the first word that comes to mind is: whew! I had the morning all planned out. Posts, tweets, videos, share, share, share. But the best laid plans of mice and men and blah, blah, blah. To […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 1 and whew!

Ladies and gents, first let me present to you…a new Jackverse video, where I’ll announce this special bit of news. Did you watch? If not, I’ll wait. Go on…give it a looksee. Now? Wonderful. The book I have entered into Kindle Scout is Suicide Station. I haven’t been this excited […]

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