This is a very, very special treat I have ready for the Jackverse to devour. I want to introduce you to upcycle fashion designer extrordinaire, Alina Maria Ionescu. She’s a fantastic designer, creating incredibly unique pieces for clients around the world. And it’s time Alina got Jack’d! JW: Art. It’s […]

Alina Maria Ionescu Gets Jack’d

Slemish Ireland 406 AD The dark, cold, and wet winter was typical in Ireland. The usual gloom had already settled over the landscape the moment dawn broke the horizon. Underneath the landscape and loss of hope, an accidental rebirth promised to stem the tide of doom. Unbeknownst to the Irish, […]

The Red Veil of Vengeance

Let’s hop. That’s right, let’s all hop. On the count of three, get into your coffin and hop like your life depends upon it. 1 2 3 Hell yeah! Are you horrified? You should be. My horns are held high. \m/ Okay, now that we have that bit of fun […]

Coffin Hop Contest

It’s time for a contest. On the count of three, everyone hop into your coffin and hop like your life depends on it. Ready? One Two Three Hop, monkies…HOP!!! Okay, with that out of the way, let’s give away something. If you like your zombies It’s Coffin Hop time again, […]

From cradle to coffin

I haven’t done a music review in a while. That’s not to say there hasn’t been releases that have moved me of late. But over the last year, every release seems to pale in comparison to one particular album and band. That band is Nothing More. That album is their […]

Nothing More: A band that could change your outlook

One of the questions I get asked a LOT is why do I bother writing books that are outside of the realm of the apocalypse. Currently, I have the following series (or beginning of series): I Zombie The Last Casket Zombie Radio Fringe Killers Klockwerk Kabaret The Nameless Saga Shero […]

Why do I write outside of the apocalypse

It’s October. That means one thing to writers of the dark fantastic — Halloween! To some writers it’s a chance to go on a major pimping spree and try to drum up some sales. And why not? It’s that time of year where all things horror are okay in the […]

Halloween Memories: Kooky Spooks

To celebrate the month of months, I’m unleashing one title for free each weekend of October. Here’s the schedule to share with your friends and enemies. Oct 3-5 I Zombie I freeOct 10-12 Screampark freeOct 17-19 A Blade Away freeOct 24-26 Hell’s Muse free During those weekends, get to Amazon and […]

A Halloween giveaway!

I must confess that I am a relative newcomer to conventions. I have spent most of my career a slave to the keyboard and ignoring the “business”. Over the last couple of years that has changed. Never more was that made evident over this past weekend, when I had the […]

Enter the Imaginarium

I run a lot. One of my routes takes me through a lovely park here in the ‘Ville where I am often humbled by the zippy stylins’ of various high school track teams. It’s only by accident that I wind up in the tail or headwinds of those teams. It’s […]

Dirty old men beware!

Someone asked me the other day…”What is the best order to read the I Zombie series?” To answer that question, I created a simple graphic that will help you understand the most optimal order in which to read this series. Ladies and gentlefunk, here ’tis! Do enjoy (click image for […]

The order in which you should read the I Zombie ...

Eric A. Shelman Gets Jack’d You’re listening to WZMB… Wait, wrong, wrong, wrong! Let us pause to re-direct our thoughts. … … … Much better. Here in the world of The Zombie King, we “Jack” a lot of people and this time around another writer has hopped onto the discussion […]

Eric A. Shelman Gets Jack’d

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