In every generation a slayer is born. Oh wait…wrong opening line. In every generation, a plague of writers is visited upon… Again, sorry. Most people assume the act of writing is as simple as sitting in front of a computer and ralphing out page after page of coherent words. If […]

Writing advice for the new writer

Ladies and gentlemonsters of the Jackverse — it’s time for yet another update on the status of Cry Zombie Cry. What is turning out to be one of the most epic chapters in the I Zombie series is spilling out of my brain and onto my computer. There is a […]

Cry Zombie Cry Update

In celebration of this most recent Friday the 13th, I thought it would be a fun task of listing out my top thirteen horror films. From this list, you can pick and choose which horrific delights you watch on the second most spooky night of the year (top honors, naturally, […]

My top 13 horror movies

The first word on Klockwerk Kabaret is in and it’s a hit! The “Revenge Honey” from Horror Honeys drew first blood from my first steampunk novel and the blood was delicious.

Klockwerk Kabaret: The first review

Modern society is connected in more ways than ever. With more channels for information than we know what to do with, society is less informed than ever. How is that possible? How can we, as a whole, have more but know less. This question has been running rampant through my […]

Modern day madness

“If music be the food of life, play on!” I make no bones about the fact that music is precious cargo to me. To that end, I decided, for whatever reason, to list out my favorite songs of the year, starting with my high school graduation date to the current […]

Favorite Songs of the Year 1986-2013

humans battery 1
If you’re into sci-fi, then you’ve probably heard about The Singularity. The gist of this is when technology advances far enough that it becomes sentient and takes over. Effectively, the human being would become obsolete. Sounds crazy right? But think about it — we’re already very close. Let me explain.

Sex and the singularity

I’ve asked this on a number of occasions and places. Finally, I ask (and answer) the question here in the Jackverse. What would your zombie apocalypse survival team look like? The zpoc will require special survival skills that standard-issue life doesn’t require. And, like any good dungeons and dragons aficionado […]

My zombie apocalypse survival team

One of the many graves within St. Louis #1
This week, the wife and I have been spending time in the Big Easy. That’s right, getting real with the locals of New Orleans. It’s been a wonderful trip filled with walking, walking, and lots more walking. We’ve seen about everything there is to see and are ready to head […]

New Orleans Gets Jack’d