I must confess that I am a relative newcomer to conventions. I have spent most of my career a slave to the keyboard and ignoring the “business”. Over the last couple of years that has changed. Never more was that made evident over this past weekend, when I had the […]

Enter the Imaginarium

I run a lot. One of my routes takes me through a lovely park here in the ‘Ville where I am often humbled by the zippy stylins’ of various high school track teams. It’s only by accident that I wind up in the tail or headwinds of those teams. It’s […]

Dirty old men beware!

Someone asked me the other day…”What is the best order to read the I Zombie series?” To answer that question, I created a simple graphic that will help you understand the most optimal order in which to read this series. Ladies and gentlefunk, here ’tis! Do enjoy (click image for […]

The order in which you should read the I Zombie ...

Eric A. Shelman Gets Jack’d You’re listening to WZMB… Wait, wrong, wrong, wrong! Let us pause to re-direct our thoughts. … … … Much better. Here in the world of The Zombie King, we “Jack” a lot of people and this time around another writer has hopped onto the discussion […]

Eric A. Shelman Gets Jack’d

Give a listen to Jack Wallen on Crescent Hill Radio’s Flies on the Wall show! Here’s the Soundcloud link for the archive of the live show.  

Hear Jack on Crescent Hill Radio

Annnnnnd we’re back. My Get Jack’d column had been on haitus for a while, but it’s back and this time around I have the pleasure of introducing to you dark poetess and apocalyptic fiction author, Phil Barnes! JW: Dark poetry is such an overlooked form of art. It’s lyrical nature […]

Phil Barnes gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlefunk of the Zombie Radio nation… Sorry, sorry…wrong announcer. Eh hem… It’s been a very long time since we’ve tracked the progress of Bethany and company. That ends August 21st, 2014. That’s right, the next novel in the I Zombie series hits the airwaves and, my dear friends, […]

Cry Zombie Cry release date announced

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that my novel, Hell’s Muse, has been included in the Story Bundle Horror Bundle. It is such an honor to be included with the likes of: Chuck Wendig Michael Brent Collings Hugh Howey Scott Nicholson Tony Eby Brett J. Talley […]

Hell’s Muse part of the Horror Story Bundle

Recently I came into a song that pounded me deep into the heart of my soul. It was one of “those songs’ — you know the ones, they call out to you as if to say “Let us guide you through through the rough waters of delicate and deep thought”. […]

Empty V

Recently I had one of those moments you don’t ever want to have as a parent (or step-parent). The realization came to me like a punch to the head. What was it? It’s difficult to sum up without pointing a finger or two (and I’m not a big fan of […]

A hard lesson for a step father

Armand Rosamilia In 2011 I was promoting my recently released Dying Days zombie novel, and not getting far with it. I was tossing random guest posts, ads and shouting from my Facebook roof BUY MY BOOK! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL, BUY MY BOOK!!! It didn’t work. In 2012, while […]

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour: From The Beginning

In light of the recent tragedies (of which I refuse to speak any names to keep from riding on the coat tails of that story and/or giving a single ounce of credence to the man’s actions), I’ve decided to retaliate with my own personally manifesto — only, from the nice […]

The Nice Guy Manifesto