Shakespeare. The name conjures up so much imagery and beauty. For actors, directors, and writers, the man is so often considered the single greatest writer of all time. Why? Consider this: It’s a rare artist that nearly anyone can quote. To be or not to be. My kingdom for a […]

If Music Be The Food

Take a listen to a sample from the audiobook version of A Tale Of Two Reapers. Purchase the ebook, paperback, or audiobook from

A Tale Of Two Reapers Audio Sample

I’ve been an artist since the late 80s. Actor, singer, musician, playwright, writer. I’ve performed Shakespeare, Mozart; starred on Broadway; been in film and television; written theatrical scripts for adults and children; I’ve taught the arts, lived the arts, loved the arts. I have a BS in theater/communications and an […]

How to avoid sabotaging your artistic career

Ladies and gentlefunk of the Jackverse, it is with great pleasure that I get to remind you that the third book in The Nameless Saga is nearly upon us. The official release date is April 21st…that’s THIS COMING FRIDAY! O. M. G. Those of you who have been following me […]

Dark Side Down is almost risen

Yesterday a package came in the mail. Within said package was the vinyl edition of Kitty In A Casket’s “Kiss & Hell”. Sound familiar? It should. See the book photobombing the picture? If you enjoy some kick ass music, get yourself a copy of this outstanding album. Get your copy […]

How cool is this?

Lately I’ve taken to Facebook to post random musings on writing. I thought I’d share them here. Enjoy. Responsive Writing When you know your characters, know them from the inside out, they will guide you in your writing. This was proved to me last night while writing To Kill A […]

Random musings on writing