Prologue The air inside the nightclub was hazy from smoke machines. Flashes of colored light cut through the swirls in beat with the pulsing music that shook the walls and the floor. The atmosphere was alive with movement?a mass of hot, swaying bodies bent on enjoying the moment. A monster […]

Rebecca Besser: Nurse Blood

Why Do You Write? As a wife, mother, and writer I’ve come in contact with many people through family association, school affiliation, etc. Most of the people I’ve come in contact with find it interesting when they find out I’m an author. One lady asked me: “You writing books? Real […]

Women Of Horror: Rebecca Besser

The Beginning Jaime Johnesee There were times when Apollyon wondered if being a demon was worth all the annoyance. This wasn’t one of those times, however. Humming the theme to Ice Castles she set to work skinning a swamp demon who had killed a human just because. He had some […]

Jaime Johnesee: Apollyon’s Beginning

1 Casey’s frazzled nappy hair is held back tightly. The elastic has seen better days. A few thick, kinky strands stick to her face and threaten her dark brown eyes. Sweat drips from her brow as she pinches a match between her dark fingers and wipes her forehead with her […]

M.F. Wahl: Disease

The Gender Gap Overcorrection I’ve been a horror writer for nearly fifteen years. First as part of the film industry, in a screenwriting capacity, and about four years ago transitioning to fiction. In that time I’ve made some great decisions, and some not so great decisions, and I’ve busted my […]

Women Of Horror: M.F. Wahl

August 13, 2014 Berwind, WV 6:33 am In the Beginning It rained last night; the fog is rolling through the hills this morning, blanketing the world in silence, while amplifying it at the same time. It shades the land, hides us from the world. Curls of fog wrap around the […]

Miranda Bailey: The Diary of Emily

Sugar and Spice, and Running for Your Life Do you want a piece of candy? We are taught from a young age not to accept candy from strangers. We are taught to be afraid, and for those of us of the female persuasion, there is a lot to fear. At […]

Women Of Horror: Miranda Bailey

EXCERPT FROM “JAR BABY” BY LORI R. LOPEZ PUBLISHED ON KINDLE; AS A PRINT EDITION WITH ILLUSTRATIONS; AND IN ODDS AND ENDS: A DARK COLLECTION A woman burst into the auditorium, trailed by a man with black curls. Alice barged down the middle aisle to the brink of the stage. […]

Lori R. Lopez: Jar Baby

Apogee by Lori R. Lopez I Eyes watch me from all directions Who are they? My pulse increases With the murky dread of unknown terrors The kind that burrow under your skin And make it crawl, make you cold inside There is no refuge from the beady stares I suffer, […]

Lori R. Lopez: Apogee

Excerpt from “Fate and Destiny” – published in Crossroads in the Dark Anthology She blinked as she slowly woke up. Lynn found herself sitting in a window seat on a train but didn‘t remember getting on. She looked out the window but could only see fog. It didn‘t feel as […]

Veronica Smith: Fate And Destiny

Mary Shelley, the Mother of Horror Women authors are some of the best writers of horror fiction. We’ve been giving men a run for their money for quite a few years. But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the 1800’s women writers were mostly romantic and feminine. The horror […]

Women Of Horror: Veronica Smith

Excerpt from “Meridian Pass” Available later this year The sun was setting behind the horizon and the sky burned with the colors of dusk. The looming presence of the train stood dark against the backdrop. We all stood there in silence, trepidation causing a mass wave of fear. Six months. […]

Lisa Vasquez: Meridian Pass