A little-known story, from the annals of the Jackverse.  Prior to the release of Cry Zombie Cry, I was working with the band UNSUN (who appears in the book Cry Zombie Cry) to write the lyrics for their next album. I had the lyrics complete and was anxiously awaiting the […]

Cry Zombie Cry: The Lyrics

What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you? That’s a tough one. I think for me it’s the fact that you are only limited by your imagination. Whether it’s a post nuclear survival, alien invasion, zombie apocalypse or any of the hundreds of natural disasters that are possible, the […]

Middletown 2 The Interview: Heath Stallcup

What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you? The fact some of these things might actually come to fruition. The world collapsing around us is a very real concept, and when I’m writing apocalyptic fiction I wonder how much of it might someday be real. What about this project […]

Middletown 2 The Interview: Armand Rosamillia

What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you? It’s an open world. There really is no end (no pun intended) to what one can create–good or bad–in a setting and genre as such. What about this project was uniquely challenging to you? I came in near the tail end […]

Middletown 2 The Interview: Peter Welmerink

What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you? It strips away everything holding the characters together. All their boundaries, securities, and personas are gone. They are left to deal with their raw core. What about this project was uniquely challenging to you? It flips the way I normally write. […]

Middletown 2 The Interview: Jay Wilburn

Welcome to one of my latest little ventures. This is a web series of short discussions between me and my Muse. With them, I hope to not only entertain, but offer up the slightest bit of education and inspiration to inspiring, new, and well-cured writers. Enjoy!

Me And My Muse: EP 1

Last night, the wife and I were watching yet another episode of Madame Secretary. When the show ended, wifey looked over at me and asked, “Why is this show so damn good?” It was a great question…one worth pondering. I pondered…so you don’t have to. Read on if you want the […]

Why is Madame Secretary so damn good?

Oy, mates! So the first day of Autumn (that’s September 22, 2016), I have a new book arriving. This is something a weee bit different than my usual fare. The book is called Punk Ass Punk and it’s a crime thriller. Yeah, that’s right, a crime thriller. Thing is, however, […]

A taste of Punk Ass Punk

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the last month, you know that Summer of Zombie 2016 has been going on like well-oiled machine. If not…get your bad self over there now to find out what it’s all about. If you’ve been following Summer of Zombie 2016, […]

The case for Jay Wilburn

000 — the prologue The hack’s the thing. At least, that’s what we told ourselves as neophyte data jockeys, sipping liquid candy crush through straws the size of our fingers. Truth be told, during our alpha period, it wasn’t as much about the hack as it was the high. The […]

A sampling of Lament