That’s right, ladies and gents, you can now reserve your copy of A Tale Of Two Reapers, written by moi and published by Devil Dog Press. The official release date for this piece of urban fantasy is January 3, 2017. Need a bit of incentive? How’s about a description? The […]

A Tale Of Two Reapers now available for pre-order

This is a piece of holiday flash fiction I wrote for the I Zombie I series, back in 2011. I thought it long lost, but, after much digging, it has been found. Enjoy. Silent Night Silent night. Holy night. All is calm, all is quiet. The music gently massaged the […]

Silent Night

God bless us, every one! The famous line squeaked out of the 61” Plasma TV, followed by the sniffling and snorting of tears and snot. Always the sucker for Tiny Tim, Shero was immediately thrown into fits of weeping. It helped not a bit that the satin nightie-clad superhero was […]

A Very Shero Christmas

On a daily basis, I see signs pointing toward the notion that the great country in which I reside considers the arts a disposable commodity…something of little to no value in the grand scheme of corporate things. And it makes sense that those in power would feel that way. After […]

We are artists and we are legion

NOTE: This originally appeared on the blog of author Chad Clark.   Do I offend? One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite John Hughes film. Pretty In Pink. Ducky. Ah the Duckster. The kid I most certainly wanted to be in high school. But I digress. This […]

The Challenge In The Horror by Jack Wallen

In which the writer discusses the idea of breaking his own rules in order to push a narrative beyond the beyond.

Me and My Muse: Episode 21

NOTE: This originally posted somewhere over the rainbow…aka, Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Dane Hatchell has a well-established career in horror and zombies in particular. Much of his work has a sci fi flare to it that I associate with my favorite adventure stories. His style is deep and thought […]

The Case for Dane Hatchell

NOTE: This originally posted in the heartland known as Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Greg Ferrell has been on the zombie tours before. He is in an interesting phase of his writing career where he has developed enough skill and awareness of his voice as a writer to attempt a […]

The Case for Greg Ferrell

NOTE: This originally posted in that magical land I like to call Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn EE Isherwood has six books out in his signature Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series at this point. There is about a 2 year span in the time it took him to write […]

The Case For EE Isherwood

NOTE: This originally posted on the website of–you guessed it–Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn Rebecca Besser is a well-established zombie and horror author. She has made an impression in the industry and has an agent working hard to get her work in front of more eyes like it deserves. Besser […]

The Case for Rebecca Besser

NOTE: This originally posted on the site of the magnificent Jay Wilburn! by Jay Wilburn JL Koszarek has been working on stories for quite some time before she was ever published and before her partnership with Thad David on Divide Then Conquer The Zombie Company Crusade series which brought them […]

The Case for JL Koszarek