Dear Readers, Why do I write horror? Simple. Because horror has been a fixed presence in my life for as long as I can remember. Both real-life horror and the fictional kind. I remember still being in diapers and watching Universal Monster movies with my dad. When I was six, […]

Women Of Horror: Jaime Johnesee

“I’m not confident I can trust you any longer, Marshall,” Angus said, voicing his concern. To nail his point home, he made sure the other man could see him caress the edge of one of the dull blades he’d placed among the tools intended for Marshall’s demise. “Angus,” Marshall said […]

Lisa Vasquez: Unfleshed

We’ve all heard it. “Why is there a whole month dedicated to female horror writers?” To be honest? I don’t know. I think there should be a month to celebrate everyone. However, I would like every reader to have a glimpse at what female writers go through when endeavoring the […]

Women Of Horror: Lisa Vasquez

It was a nice house, an ornate Victorian, but over the last three years it had changed. At first the change was subtle, but with each resident the house’s presence took on a more and more sinister aura, as if the Gingerbread latticework had turned to spiderwebs and the reflections […]

Suzanne Madron: For Sale or Rent

#PseudoArguments and #EmoPseudonyms Suzanne Madron People ask me where I get my ideas, and sometimes I like to play a game called “Shock the Tourist” and explain all my ideas come from the time my cousins locked me in an abandoned house and read Stephen King novels to me while […]

Women Of Horror: Suzanne Madron

The Green Kangaroos Prologue “Mama threw my junk out in the cold.” The words can’t travel further than Mia’s mind. Try as she might, her lips won’t work right. Then again, they’re often out of order when she doesn’t get her atlys. Thoughts get lost somewhere between brain and tongue […]

Jessica McHugh: The Green Kangaroos

Bleed for Five Days and Rule the World by Jessica McHugh Horror can’t be caged. By design, it’s stronger and stealthier than us, sometimes even smarter and better at getting inside of us. We can avoid horror fiction, but it still rears its grotesque head in sci-fi. It threatens us […]

Women Of Horror: Jessica McHugh

The girl remained silent, her eyes fixed solely upon the road ahead, all the while. She was strangely quiet for a first timer, he thought. They normally fired off all sorts of questions – where to go, how much to pay, what they can or can’t ask him to do […]

JD Phillips: From Ashes

I’m often asked why I write the dark things I do – a question usually followed with comments like “you don’t look like you’d write that kind of thing” or my all-time (un)favorite “you should do romances instead – I like romances”. Oddly enough these comments have all come from […]

Women Of Horror: JD Phillips

The house was tomb-like. A drab husk. “Finally an opportunity to snoop. Let’s not waste it.” The woman’s outlook soared. She wanted to inspect all of the Victorian’s nooks and niches, from bottom to top. Intent on an imperceptible target, her fool’s odyssey, Frieda took an eager stride. Flimsy boards […]

Lori R. Lopez: Leery Lane

THE ARTFUL EDGE OF FRIGHT by Lori R. Lopez I have never consciously approached writing Horror as a woman. I consider myself an author of varied genres, with my own sense of style, and Horror happens to be one of my favorites. I prefer suspense and psychological terrors to gore, […]

Women Of Horror: Lori R. Lopez

Excerpt from Spook Lights: Hag Ride By Eden Royce Frieda got up from her chair and knelt beside the woman who’d taken her in after her mother’s death and raised like her own daughter. “Please. I don’t what else to do.” “What you need to do is leave well enough alone. […]

Eden Royce: Hag Ride

By Eden Royce When I first started writing, I didn’t identify myself online as a black author. Not because I was hiding, I just didn’t think to add it to my online profile. No, I didn’t have a picture up at the time because they always make me look fatter […]

Writing Horror While Black

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Kasey Pierce’s “Finding Poe”. Publisher, Source Point Press First edition published by Rocket Ink Studios “With a face of stone, he clenched his molars, making more plasma seep through his lips. His look was returned […]

Kasey Pierce: Sins of the Father