And on the fifth day, he did rest. Whatever. There is no rest for the wicked…or the Kindle Scout campaign. Remember a few posts ago, I offered up the playlist and mentioned how Anneke Van Giersbergen had served as an inspiration for the roll of Candy? Take a gander at that […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 5

I am officially 1/6th of the way through the Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign. I woke up this morning, only to find that someone had stolen an hour from my life. After the haze of sleep wore off, I remembered it was that dastardly daylight savings time. So instead of […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 4

This morning, while out on my run, I came up with a playlist for Suicide Station. As many of you know, music is a huge part of my life and my writing. Woven within the very fabric of my work you’ll find countless references to music. My words are a veritable […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 3

Would that be Kupdate? Nah, that sounds too much like a date with a cupcake…which, in the end, sounds like one heck of a good time. I’ve had many a date with a cupcake. But this post isn’t about cupcakes (would that it were), it’s about Kindle Scout. Or, rather, […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 2

So my first day of the Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign is done and the first word that comes to mind is: whew! I had the morning all planned out. Posts, tweets, videos, share, share, share. But the best laid plans of mice and men and blah, blah, blah. To […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 1 and whew!

Ladies and gents, first let me present to you…a new Jackverse video, where I’ll announce this special bit of news. Did you watch? If not, I’ll wait. Go on…give it a looksee. Now? Wonderful. The book I have entered into Kindle Scout is Suicide Station. I haven’t been this excited […]

Some seriously special news

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jackverse, I have a very…v e r y special surprise lined up for you today. I have found another traveler of the verse who values the lyricism and poetry of the written word in similar fashion as do I. She should need no introduction, but […]

Carmilla Voiez Gets Jack’d

Last night, during my usual late night writing session, it seemed my eye lids were heavier than I’d ever remembered them being. Working on my first ever cyberpunk novel, Lament, I’d write something and nod off…write something and nod off. After about an hour of that, I realized my efforts were futile […]

The woes of late-night writing

Ladies and gents, it’s time to give Get Jack’d a bit of a make over. I’m talking lips, eyes, cheeks…maybe even hair. That’s right, it’s about to get sexy up in here as fellow horror writer, S.A. Mckernan Gets Jack’d. JW: Horror is given such a bad rap, by many, […]

Scarlett A. Mckernan Gets Jack’d

How many times have you popped into one of those lists to find it either created by someone who has NO idea what horror is truly all about (as in they include the likes of Se7en on the list, when we all know that film is actually a dark thriller), […]

My top 10 horror films of all time

Gregg Zimmerman gets Jack’d Everyone . . . gather around the camp fire. The sun has threatened to go out and our only source of heat and light at this moment would be the roaring blaze before us. It is time for us to bend a Jack’d ear to Gregg […]

Gregg Zimmerman gets Jack’d

I currently have a Thunderclap campaign going on for the upcoming release of The Last Casket: Kiss & Hell. You already know what Kiss & Hell is; do you know what a Thunderclap campaign is? Let me explain. Thunderclap is a site dedicated to helping people launch social campaigns for […]

Clap for Kiss & Hell

Ladies and gentlesouls, it is with great pleasure that I get to introduce to the ‘verse of Jack…a Brit for all occasions, Mr. Ricky Fleet. Okay, maybe not all occasions…but certainly those of the undead type. Why? Because Mr. Fleet is a fellow writer of the apocalyptic fantastique. And thus, […]

Ricky Fleet Gets Jack’d