First there was Cyberpunk. Then came Steampunk. Now, I give unto you… RomPunk. That’s right…where romance, comedy, and cool collide in a paranormal, afterlife landscape. You heard it hear first. That’s one of the beauties of being your own boss, your own agent, your own “publisher”. I call the shots, […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 21

Day twenty marked the first day in the Suicide Station campaign that I was off the Hot & Trending list for the full 24 hours. That’s okay…I knew it would happen at some point in the campaign. Seriously, you can’t sit at the cool lunch table all the time, otherwise […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 20

Yesterday I found myself embroiled in a debate (not heated or even remotely flaming) about the benefits of Kindle Scout. It happened within a Facebook group of indie authors. I’d posted my most recent Kindle Scout Update and one particular user decided to chime in to say how they couldn’t […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 19

It’s Easter Sunday and me and the wife spent much of the afternoon cleaning out the garage. With the beautiful weather, I really wanted to be out for a run, but that garage. Hoo boy. It was a mess. It never ceases to amaze me what can collect over a […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 18

Week three = weak three. This has been, without a doubt, the week that would never end. In fact, it still hasn’t ended…because my Kindle Scout “week” actually ends on Wednesday. So I have a few more days ahead of me that will feel like I’m dragging myself, naked through […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 17

Have you ever heard of the Middle Child Syndrome? According to our good friend Wikipedia, it is: The feeling of exclusion by middle children (those with one younger and one older sibling). This effect occurs because the first child is more prone to receive privileges and responsibilities (by virtue of being […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 16

The feedback has come in to say my first test was simply too angry. So, let’s try this once again. Here’s my second test for my as yet unnamed podcast. Have a listen, why don’t you.

Unnamed Podcast: Test 2

As promised, I’ve decided to try yet another podcast. This time, the theme is television and film. I wanted to do a test run to see how well it would go. Here’s the results. Enjoy.

Unnamed Podcast Test

That number 15. Multiply it by 2 and you have 30. 30 is the number of the day. Why? Because 30 is the number of days for a Kindle Scout campaign and I am officially on the backside of that number. So far, it’s been one hell of an experience. […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 15

Have you ever heard of the perpetual motion machine? It’s a device that is supposed to, once started, continue indefinitely.  This kind of machine is actually impossible, because it would defy the first and second law of thermodynamics. Don’t worry, this isn’t a lesson in thermodynamics or kinetic energy. This is […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 14

Yesterday I was out for my daily run (when I do my best and deepest thinking) and my mind started grappling with the subject of genre. Specifically…romance. You see, I never thought I’d ever pen a romance. I’m a horror author, after all, and there is no room for love […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 12

We artists are an odd lot. From every angle we seem to willingly go up against odds very much stacked against us. I’ve faced down that demon for three decades and those glowing eyes never dim, never blink. That’s only a fragment of the challenge that makes the victory all […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 11

It happened again yesterday. The dreaded “drop off”. Suicide Station had a brief tumble off the Hot & Trending list. I remember the first day this happened…it sent me into a plié of panic. The rate the campaign was going, I assumed I could cruise to the end with a perfect […]

Kindle Scout Update: Day 10