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What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you? It strips away everything holding the characters together. All their boundaries, securities, and personas are gone. They are left to deal with their raw core. What about this project was uniquely challenging to you? It flips the way I normally write. […]

Middletown 2 The Interview: Jay Wilburn

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jack Verse, I am proud to announce I have kicked off a massive summer sale on every first book in all of my series. Like whoa! Are you serious? Yes, my lovelies, I am. From now until the end of Summer, 2016, you can purchase […]

The big summer sale

Recently a good friend send a meme to me, one associated with Jack Ketchum. The meme was sharp and to the point. There are two things about that meme that hit home for me. First is the quote. Jack doesn’t pull punches and this quote is dead on the money. […]

Some quick bits of advice

As promised, I’ve decided to try yet another podcast. This time, the theme is television and film. I wanted to do a test run to see how well it would go. Here’s the results. Enjoy. Follow Email PostShare on Tumblr

Unnamed Podcast Test

Ladies and gents, first let me present to you…a new Jackverse video, where I’ll announce this special bit of news. Did you watch? If not, I’ll wait. Go on…give it a looksee. Now? Wonderful. The book I have entered into Kindle Scout is Suicide Station. I haven’t been this excited […]

Some seriously special news