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This is incredibly well written with poetic prose and multifacted characters, a dark and twisty plotline and makes a fine sequel to Klockwerk Kabaret. How long has it been since we’ve visited the steampunk land known as Mainspring? If you’ve anxiously been awaiting…the time is upon us. The Morticia and […]

Tick Tock Girl

Obsession Possession Transgression Between the physical world and Hell lies The Dark Seduction, a plane of existence where magic and demons twist reality at will. When the key to this plane falls into the wrong hands, evil is but an obsession away from being unleashed upon the world. A dark […]

The Dark Seduction

  “As per usual Jack has hit it out of the ballpark with this story. His I Zombie universe is a spectacular example of the uniqueness and creativity that seems to erupt from his mind, body, and soul. I love that he has decided to single out the WZMB DJ […]

Zombie Radio 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you my first ever serial! Ripped from the pages of Jack Wallen’s I Zombie series, Reunion follows two lovers, separated by thousands of miles and millions of the undead, as they attempt to reunite in a world devastated by the Mengele Virus. Love is […]

Reunion (I Zombie serial)

  “This book deals with a difficult subject.It was well written and done tastefully and tactfully.You will love being a fly on the wall and riding along with Jamie and Skip.There are laughable moments and times of horror. You will be appalled at the cruelty that lies within mankind.” “The […]


Loved it!! Even tho I had to leave the lights on when I went to bed!! A Deep Dark book of Non Stop Scary!!!!eady to once again let The Nameless loose? In the beginning was the lie The Nameless is back, only this time with a plan that might bring […]

The Nails of Calvary

This story began as a teenage dream back in the eighties. After carrying the story with me for decades, it was finally transposed into a stage play for young audiences. Not being satisfied with that iteration, I decided “Monsterville” had to be given a more complete treatment. This Among You […]

Among You

“This is yet again a brilliant book & unique take on the Zombie Apocalypse by our very own Zombie King Author Jack Wallen.” “I was hooked from the very first page. I was excited to read it and I was not let down! I found myself cheering, crying, and yelling […]

Cry Zombie Cry (I Zombie, book 5)

  “It is an absolute joy ride. You first depart with the narrator’s slip of the tongue but so suave it makes you want more. In knowing the character, like I do, I expect there to be many play on words and I was not at all disappointment. I love […]

Shero III: Death By Cosplay

“I have read the books that are available in this series…and just finished this accompanying novella. I am an avid reader..and will read almost anything whenever I can. I am a huge fan of the horror genre, however. I’ve read countless zombie books and I enjoy them. This series grabbed […]

Zombie Radio

Like any zombie fan, I’ve seen the undead depicted in a few different ways but never have I seen an author do with them what Jack Wallen has. He has taken the traditional zombie to the next level and far beyond anything you could imagine. The third book in the […]

Die Zombie Die (I Zombie, book 3)

  “There are two kinds of “disturbing” novels, the kind that splashes blood and depravity around for cheap shock value, and the other kind- a novel so delicately constructed that the reader goes willingly into that dark night. And such is the case with this novel, A Blade Away. The […]

A Blade Away

  “This book is awesome! Jack wallen is the best author on the planet. His books are amazing! Love it love it love it!” “Are you looking for a fun zombie book? Look no further, this is the perfect choice. The writing is quite witty and the book had some […]

The Last Casket

  “This book’s got it all: a transgender superhero, Dr. Mengele clones, zombies, sheer denier pantyhose. The voice of the author is original with a familiar tone. The storyline is fast paced, hugely imaginative and visual. Great comic timing. A real page turner. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.” “Shero was […]

Shero II: Zombie A GoGo

  “This is certainly one of the most delightful books I’ve read in 2011. No dodging into phone booths for this supershero, who makes Spiderman and Superman look downright dowdy. Shero is always well-dressed and prepared for any crisis. This girl knows who she is and is prepared to kick […]