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Shero II: Zombie A GoGo

Thank you ma’am!

Everyone’s favorite transgendered superhero is back and this time it’s all about the zombie! That’s right ladies, not only is Shero fighting off cats and whores at shoe sales, now it’s time to deal with the undead.

And a narrator with a hella bad attitude. But one way or another the might of man in the Wang will prevail.

Now, everyone say it with me: “You go girl!”

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“This is certainly one of the most delightful books I’ve read in 2011. No dodging into phone booths for this supershero, who makes Spiderman and Superman look downright dowdy. Shero is always well-dressed and prepared for any crisis. This girl knows who she is and is prepared to kick ass to prove it. Only the most mean-spirited (and Shero knows who they are) could fail to fall in love with this feisty character with killer nail polish. Long may she strut her stuff.” — CM Barret

“Wallen has done an admirable job of creating a colorful, over-the-top comedic take on the superhero genre and seasoned it with the tropes one would find in more traditional adventures. Shero is not your ordinary crime fighter; she is a transgendered superhero top to bottom and embraces herself totally and is also accepted by society. From her custom made, Kevlar coated black dresses to her poisonous fingernail polish, there is no shame in her game! And her compatriots are just as colorful, with their code names and awesome super powers. There are leagues for both the heroes and villains in this story, double crosses and secret histories. Clearly,Wallen has read more than a few comics in his day, and has turned out a new adventure here with a very clever twist.” — Benito

Shero is not your ordinary superhero … unless you consider a cross-dressing superhero normal. Besides having to deal with the every day challenges of evil villain-dom, Shero must combat broken heels, runs in his stockings, chipped nails, and the prejudice of public opinion.

In this first installment Shero finds the perfect black dress, a possible lover, a deadly shade of fingernail polish, some nasty, nasty foes, an internal superhero political war, and a narrator full of attitude.

Caution: You may find yourself yelling “You go girl!” which could certainly lead to public humiliation. You’ve been warned.

This is a novella-length book that will make you feel sexy as hell upon completing.

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Lie Zombie Lie

“This book gave me chills! The rest of the series is super great, but for some reason this book just really resonated with me. This is a really difficult book to put down. Jack does it again with another excellent addition to the I Zombie series!” — Morgan Barnhart

“Another 5 star worthy delivery by Jack, the King of zombies. Cannot wait for the next one, Cry Zombie Cry.” — Yeidy Cacho

The I Zombie series continues!

Bethany Nitshimi is back and this time she has motherhood on her side. The creators of the Mengele Virus, the Zero Day Collective, continue to beat down the human race in order to reboot mankind. This time, however, the redhead badass with enough brain to feed the entire zombie horde has a new crew on her side. Along with the Zombie Response Team, a tween wrecking machine, a fellow elite hacker, and an attitude prepared to take on the zombie nation, Bethany Nitshimi uses every trick in her post-apocalyptic book to fight back the new and improved horrors that await her on the other side of Hell.

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“Wallen’s writing leans towards prose – lyrical flow and beautiful imagery. “Gothica” is at times shocking and disturbing – I found myself needing to put the book down several times for a breather because my heart was pounding. It is an intense ride from start to finish. This was a fantastic book and I can’t wait for the next Fringe Killer novel!” — Bookish Witch

“Gothica is full of twists, turns, blood, and murder, with just a touch of the paranormal. Everything I love in a good crime thriller/horror story. It totally kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. In fact, I could barely put it down!” — Pamela M.

Killers die … but sometimes their souls refuse to disappear.

Enter Joshua Freeny – a killer thought put to rest in an asylum for the criminally insane. With the help of a supernatural entity, Freeny escapes the bonds of time to haunt the same building that held him captive for so many years. Now, that building is Gothica – a night club for the darker denizens of Louisville – and anyone that dares dance in the darkness risks their lives.

In the second book of the “Fringe Killer” series, Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahm are tossed into a world of gothic delights, sensuality, and horror as another Fringe Killer is brought to life.

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A game of death. A battle for life.

The slaughter of the innocent is at hand and a dreadful game that began during The Depression, has come to claim new victims. Death has found a new dealer and the game a new ferocity. Detectives Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahms find themselves in a race to stop another Fringe Killer.

In this third entry to the Fringe Killer series, Jamie must face down forces of evil that threaten to rob her of her partner, her love, and her sanity.

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My Zombie My

“I jumped into this book feet first, immediately after finishing the first one because this breathtaking story simply couldn’t wait. Jack Wallen is a brilliant writer who holds nothing back. The suspense that began with the first book continues to build with non-stop action and frightening revelations that weave an increasingly intricate tapestry of a tale. Just when you think you know how the plot is going to go, the author adds yet another exciting twist. And of course, there are zombies. Lots of them, and ones more terrifying than you could imagine. This trilogy is truly the best of the best – the cream of the zombie crop!” — Mandy White

“The most impressive part for me however was not Jack stellar job at describing zombies that eat their own brains, or the way he can twist a story so much you aren’t even sure you can trust yourself, or even how he has the genius to create an “outside” perspective through radio show called (straight-forward enough) “Zombie Radio.” Nope…Jack’s most impressive feat in this entire book was his ability to keep the technology talk from sounding like a “Hacking For Dummies” learners manual. With Bethany’s main duty being “hacking” this whole angle could have very easily come back to bite Jack in the ass. Instead, he chose to give just enough info to sound convincing (and knowledgable) without making me drool on my kindle.” — Misty Baker

The City of Lights is crawling with the undead who care nothing for love or wine and are hell-bent on getting the one thing they want – your brains. The living have only one hope – Bethany Nitshimi who carries with her an encrypted file containing the key to the cure. Unfortunately Bethany is battling the undead, the apocalypse, and a group who will stop at nothing to keep her from curing the plague.

My Zombie My picks up where I Zombie I left off and heads into Paris. Bethany’s gang of heroes has picked up a few more strays and mankind is getting dangerously close to the end. As Bethany battles the zombie horde she must crack the file, get the cure, and save the human race, before we are just meat for the beasts.

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This new edition of Screampark includes a previously unpublished one-act play intented to be produced at Screampark. Get a first-ever look at the Screampark characters at their most insane in Lamentations of Madness!

“One of the best scary tales I’ve read in a long time. Written by a master story teller, Mr. Jack Wallen. His characters come alive in a profound way. I pictured every scene he set as if I was watching a movie. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, you will not want to put it done until you are done.” — Gloria Bobrowicz

“Anyone who loves a haunted house will appreciate the behind-the-scenes point of view. The story has a good, fast pace and the characters are likable. It’s really a good ghost story about spirits out for vengeance and has plenty of gory details for a genre fan like me. There aren’t any slow parts or disjointed facts or situations to disrupt the story. It has convinced me to read Jack Wallen’s other books, starting with the zombies. Overall, ScreamPark is a really fun read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good horror story!” — HorrorGeekAnna

If you can scream, you’re still alive!

Screampark – one of the top haunts in the country, has a past that threatens to rip the fabric of the present apart. Turn of the century serial killer, Vinny “The Vicious” Manchetti, stripped innocent victims of their lives and souls for sport. Now he and some of his victims are back to wage a war on the grounds of Screampark.

A group of misfits and cast aways, lead by nerd-turned hipster Chris Davis, step in to save the park and wind up battling for their own lives.

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Hell’s Muse

In the beginning was the Word – and the Word was a lie.

A struggling writer dives into the dark pits of madness to create his most perfect work – a parallel of his own life, only twisted into a malignant hatred. When the written word opens a gateway to Hell, every truth the writer believes is challenged, every lie made truth.

As a trail of death and sorrow spills from the words, the writer is drawn into an unholy abyss to become Hell’s Muse.

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T-Minus Zero

“Lights! Camera! Zombies!

In this prequel to the I Zombie series, the Zero Day Collective hires an award-winning director and Hollywood film crew to document the first-ever release of the Mengele Virus. The small city of Templeton spirals into the zombie abyss as the cameras roll on a much anticipated blockbuster horror movie.

Before Jacob, before Bethany, before the Obliterator and Zombie Radio came the flickering lights, the blood curdling screams and the first of the walking dead.

Death is ready for its close up… are you?”

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I Zombie I

“A terrific, nail biting, page turner: I finished this book in one sitting. Smart in its plausibility, I Zombie I is not only a great work of sheer horror-entertainment (while often poking some wicked fun at the very genre of zombie fiction), Wallen manages to, amidst the chaos, gore, and rapid fire suspense — throw some honest philosophical food for thought into the novel regarding the very nature of humanity and how fragile that thing that makes us *us* actually is.” — M. Frastley (San Francisco, CA)

“Jack is a brilliant writer and he can make your head spin with his storytelling wiles. Jack tells us his take on Zombies without the feeling like we are being slammed by yet another Zombie book or movie.” — Albert Robbins III

All he wanted was a Pulitzer.

It took only one bite for journalist Jacob Plummer to find the story of a life time — his own downward spiral into the zombie abyss.

As Jacob slowly transforms into one of the undead, he discovers a truth that could spare the world from extinction.

While Jacob struggles to reveal the conspiracy behind the virus, he must fight off his own inner zombie and the undead masses to save the human race, the woman he loves, and a planet ripped apart by the Mengele Virus.

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Klockwerk Kabaret

Mainspring – a quaint town removed from time and era. Powered by steam and clockwork, Mainspring has enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity … until, from a far-away land known as The Keep of Keys, Hieronymus Ebauche unleashes Hell.

Born of a long-forgotten vendetta, Ebauche transports his clockwork demons through a trans-dimensional portal to exact his revenge. Mainspring’s only hope – Nathan Gage and Olivia Nightingale; the proprietors of the Klockwerk Kabaret, where desire is brought to life with flesh and clockwork. When the doors to the Kabaret close, Gage and Nightingale slip into the shadows as vigilante crime fighters. The fight leads them to The Keep of Keys where they discover a much darker truth.

As the clock winds down, so too does the hope of Mainspring.

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