It all started out so normal…

Brent Abell Armand Rosamilia Jack Wallen Jay Wilburn Yeah … those guys. We did something crazy. We wrote a book together. Crazy talk, I know. How did this happen? We were just trying to be the four cool dudes, banded together for Mid South Con 2015 at one convenient location. One table, under — god […]

7 Minutes In Hell (audio)


This short story was included in the All Things Zombie: The Gathering Horde anthology. I have recorded it on audiobook format for those that want to give it a listen. I will be expanding this short story into a novella series this year! Click the Play button below to listen.

Zombie Book Of The Month


I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to announce that I Zombie I was voted Zombie Book of the Month in the ZBotMC Facebook Group! I am very honored for this spot and cannot wait to get involved in the discussion about Jacob, Bethany, Susan, Dr. Godwin, and the moaners and screamers […]

2015: A year for change


What a difference a year can make…you’ve heard it from nearly every corner of every clique and cliche-ridden mouthpiece willing to spout off about what was, what is, and what shall be. But this time, the cliche holds true. This coming year could be the year for change — on an all-consuming level. Social, political, economical […]

Nerys Wheatley Gets Jack’d

We’re back and we’re sexy as all hell. And when we’re sexy, it is time to get Jack’d! I have the pleausre of introducing you to another collaborator in league with the Facebook group All Things Zombie – this time around it’s Nerys Wheatley! Let’s not waste daylight … the zombies are near and we’ve […]

Shannon Walters gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building … and left behind the uber-cool Shannon Walters. Another member of the All Things Zombie group, Shannon’s story, “The List” is tearing up the pop charts like it was the latest Katy Perry single as sung by a boy band made of angels and demons. So, it […]

Lana Sibley gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlefunk of the Jackverse, I have the pleasure of bringing to you yet another new author to the zpoc genre! Stand and cheer. No really, get off your butts and shout for none other than Lana Sibley! JW: Sing with me “Christmas time is here … zombies thrive on fear. I can see […]

Alina Maria Ionescu Gets Jack’d


This is a very, very special treat I have ready for the Jackverse to devour. I want to introduce you to upcycle fashion designer extrordinaire, Alina Maria Ionescu. She’s a fantastic designer, creating incredibly unique pieces for clients around the world. And it’s time Alina got Jack’d! JW: Art. It’s a subject very near and […]

The Red Veil of Vengeance

Slemish Ireland 406 AD The dark, cold, and wet winter was typical in Ireland. The usual gloom had already settled over the landscape the moment dawn broke the horizon. Underneath the landscape and loss of hope, an accidental rebirth promised to stem the tide of doom. Unbeknownst to the Irish, a bit of luck was […]

Coffin Hop Contest

Let’s hop. That’s right, let’s all hop. On the count of three, get into your coffin and hop like your life depends upon it. 1 2 3 Hell yeah! Are you horrified? You should be. My horns are held high. \m/ Okay, now that we have that bit of fun out of the way, it’s […]