Michael Bailey author of Action Figures

The Storybundle Indie Superbundle is out now! Included in that bundle is the amazing “Action Figures” by Michael Bailey. Here he answers those burning questions everyone has about his story and the indie superhero author! What made you decided to write in the superhero genre? I’ve been a fan of superhero comics since I was […]

The Superhero Storybundle has arrived!

You know them, you love them. You anxiously await their blockbuster films, television series, and comic books. Little did you know there are other superheroes out there, waiting to protect men and women from the darkness the hides in the metaphorical closets of young and old alike. These superheroes are flawed, different, living the shadows […]

Jay Wilburn: The Guy that Introduced Me to Zombies

I have been into apocalyptic literature since I was reading sci fi and fantasy in late elementary and early middle school. The Stand became my favorite book pretty quickly after discovering Stephen King. The zombie did not really enter my consciousness until I was in college. I knew about the Romero movies and I knew […]

Summer of Zombie 2015 Box Set

Get your Zombie Apocalypse fix here: 13 of todays Best Selling Zombie authors bring to you this ebook box set of 12 books to start off the Summer of Zombie tour. 818,631 words 356 chapters to fill your summer! A Shrouded World: Whistlers Mark Tufo & John O’Brien When two worlds collide… Jack Walker and […]