American Horror Story: Asylum review

It’s over. Season two of American Horror Story completed last week. And now, American television is left with a vast cavern of a whole. How is that? When there is so much quality programming on at the moment, how is is possible a single show could leave behind such a gaping abyss? It was that […]

Must read for horror/thriller fans: Hope for the Wicked

I was having a discussion, the other day, with a fellow writer. Said fellow writer was very much a fan of the traditional publishing method of claiming “authorship”. The discussion inevitably turned down the path of how a few rotten apples ruin the reputation for so many small presses. To that I brought up Edward […]

I Zombie I Audio Book: Chapter 5

I Zombie I: Chapter 5

In respect and defense of indie artists

Imogen Heap, Mazzy Star, Jackson Pollack, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Samuel Barber, Damien Rice, Death Cab for Cutie… any of these sound familiar? They should. These are all artists, of various mediums, that are (or were) all considered “indie”. Typically, being an “indie” artists brings along with it a certain respect and status. Those artists aren’t beholden […]

New Years Resolutions: Jack Style

By the time you read this, the Eternal Clock will have ticked one more stop toward the final end. That’s right, it’s 213 now and time for the tried and true “resolutions”. No, I’m not going to spout off about exercising more (already work out five times a week), eating better (though I REALLY could […]