The NEXT next big thing

It seems I’ve had the mark of the beast slapped upon my forehead once again (this time by Danielle Blanchard). That mark? The next big thing. But since this is the second time I’ve been tagged as the ‘Next big thing’, I’m calling this the NEXT next big thing. What’s really great about this is […]

Here’s where the story… begins!

Ladies and gentlegiants of the Jackverse, Hell’s Muse has been shipped to edit! That means but one thing — a new project! But what to begin? I’ve bounced back and forth between ideas so much my head is swimming with possibility. But, in the end, I must make a choice and begin the beguine again. […]

Emma Jameson gets Jack’d

It’s that time again in the Jackverse where some rouser of rabble winds up on the hot seat hoping the temperature doesn’t get turned up so much their panties get singed. And then… there’s Emma Jameson. She’s the writer of cozy mysteries that’ll have you curled up under many a blanket, your cat purring loudly […]

Is television jumping it’s own shark?

Welcome back to the Jackverse, where the power is always on and the soda pop is free flowing! Today’s topic might well be near and dear to you all — television! That’s right TV’s TV! And here in the Jackverse, there’s a theory building up that television itself has jumped the shark. For those that […]

How Dungeons & Dragons taught me to survive the apocalypse

Yes, I am openly admitting that I spent countless hours of my youth (eh hem…) sitting at a table, dice in hand, battling ogres, demons, and dragons. It’s a badge I wear with pride because all of those D&D (AD&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, Heroes, and more) campaigns taught me how to survive the inevitable — […]

The television show called “life”

When I was in high school I had this little “thing” that got me through troubling times. I would imagine that everything around me was nothing more than a television show and all I had to do to rid myself of whatever was going on was flip a switch. It’s no secret that we artistic […]

Latest Zombie Radio: Population Control

In which the DJ expounds on the idea that the Mengele Virus was truly a form of population control. And for those just dying to watch the DJ in action, here’s the video post of this session.

The grand scheme of things

We’ve all said it before — “in the grand scheme of things…” What does it mean? When you drop in relativity, that grand scheme stranges out very quickly. Not only that, but moment to moment the grand scheme shifts and morphs. So, what is the grand scheme of things? Let’s go all Tears For Fears […]