Happy Halloween!

Muhaha! It’s Halloween… not only in the Jackverse, but EVERYWHERE! It’s time for everyone of a spookier nature to crawl out from under the planks and graves to walk among the normal and living. Freak flags are high on this, the most coveted of holidays for the horror-loving ilk. Normally I would have loved to […]

The Monster Cage Match: Jeepers Creepers vs. Pinhead

Welcome back to Hell! You’ve purchased your ticket and are ready to see a cage match worthy of a soundtrack by GWAR! Our last match saw the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers barely edging out the voice and pimp coat of Candyman. This time around, the ol’ Creeper’s suffering could be legendary… even in Hell! That’s […]

The Monster Cage Match: Candyman vs. Jeepers Creepers

The Monster Cage Match continues on. Last time the fight from Hell took place, Candyman took down Freddie Kreuger. It was snark vs. basso profundo — with ‘the voice’ coming out on top! This time around Candyman has to go up against a rather horrible foe with nasty leather wings and a penchant for eyeballs […]

Adriana Noir gets Jack’d

Pull up the black satin sheets over your eyes and prepare to have your pajamas scared off of you. Get Jack’d drags Adriana Noir onto the dark hayride. Adriana hails from a tiny corner of Hell located in small town in N.E. Ohio. But for the time being, she exists only in the Jackverse. Let’s […]

The Monster Cage Match: Freddy vs. Candyman

In the first bought of the Monster Mash, Freddy Krueger put a stop to any possible sparkly, shimmery vampire shenanigans. But this time, Freddy is up against a foe with considerably less teen appeal. Can Freddy defend the crown of bone and blood he currently wears atop is ragged and flensed head? Let’s find out.

The Monster Cage Match (from Hell)

It’s October and October means Halloween. Halloween means horror and horror means monsters. We all have our favorite monsters, but have we ever wondered just which monsters would win in a fight to the death (or undeath, as it were)? Well, I’ve always wondered this very thing, so I wanted to take some time (maybe […]

Nina D’Arcangelia Gets Jack’d

Known in some circles as the Dark Chipmunk, Nina has her evil paws in a lot of wicked pies. She’s the administrative and social coordinator of Sirens Call Publications and loves her some deep, dark, chunky fear. So let’s all break out the whips, chain saws, and gas masks for Nina!

Five obscure horror films to spook you through the weekend

October is made for horror! Books, movies, music… your CLOSET! Bwahahaha. The means to a haunted end are so plentiful, it’s often hard to know where to start. That, my lovelies and gentleghouls, is where I come in. That’s right, the Zombie King has a few recommendations that will help you get your fright on […]

News made of awesome

Here in the Jackverse I often have cool bits of news to report. But this time around, I have something so incredibly, insanely, ridiculously awesome… you might fall to bits upon reading the words. So I preface this announcement with a warning — please put on your best straight jacket fashion before reading any further.

Mercedes Murdock Yardley Gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jackverse, I am tickled undead to be able to bring to you a supahstar author who has won awards o’ plenty and writes plenty of dark tales to creep, freak, and tweak you out. She’s smexy, intelligent, and wears lipstick like no one! I give you… the Jacking of Mercedes […]

Growing up with Horror in Indiana

My childhood wasn’t easy… but who’s is, really? From struggling with a bone disease to nasty family issues, it was a hard way to go for a young boy growing up in the middle of Indiana. But there was one escape from reality that allowed me and my psyche to survive the trauma and drama […]

Make the most out of your convention

During the last week of Septemter 2012, I had the pleasure of attending Scarefest as a dealer. My booth was proudly displayed on Celebrity Row and I got to spend the entire weekend staring and chatting with the likes of Nicholas Vince, Doug Bradly, Tony Todd, Denise Crosby, and much more. It was a fanboy’s […]