The 10 laws of Jack

Everything in nature must adhere to laws — physics, math, the food chain, the bro code… everything has it’s fundamental guideposts to follow. The Jackverse is not immune to such laws. Of course, in the Jackverse, only I must really abide by these laws — even should the Dude himself pass by, he would not […]

Where did all the monsters go?

Pinhead Jason Voorhees Michael Myers Freddie Kruger Pumpkinhead The Tall Man Pazuzu The eighties brought to life some of the most feared and iconic monsters to ever rule the screen and our nightmares. But something happened between then and now to erase the bringing of fear and fright from the silver screen and the printed […]

The Barnes & Noble conundrum

Bare with me o’ lovelies of the Jackverse — I have a wee bit of a bone ta pick. No, not with you… you’re all slathered in awesomebutter. The bone I must to be picking is with Barnes & Noble. But why? They are a book seller and I write, well, books. How can I […]

Zombie Response Team Interviews Jack

Oh how I have longed for this moment! Here, for your listening pleasure is the full-blown, insanely cool, smexy-sounds of the Zombie Response Team interviewing good ol’ Jack. Do enjoy.

Scarefest is drawing near

Can you believe it’s almost the middle of September? And can you believe I am less than two weeks from participating in my first-ever Scarefest! I’ll be right alongside the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradly, and (shudder) Clive Barker! My participation in Scarefest will be as a vendor to sell my wares. Won’t you […]

The homogenization correlation

I was riding my bike the other day (as I am wont to do) and noticed a number of new eateries popping up around my stomping grounds. Now, I should mention that Louisville, Kentucky has a LOT of really cool, unique places to break bread that are menu, style, and user-base specific. It’s actually suprising […]