TV One Season Wonders

With Hollywood unable to create anything but reboots, sequels, prequels, and crap, many are turning back to good ol’ TV. But some tune in to find their favorite show gone! What gives? You ask “Why in the frak did Hollywood cancel that show while all this dreck is still inducing people to go slack jaw […]

Are you prepared for the lies?

This coming weekend, the fourth installment of the I Zombie series goes live! That’s right, you can get your hands on the latest adventures of Bethany Nitshimi in a few short days. This particular release is of significance for a number of reasons. Shall we count the ways? Oh lets.

How do you deal with madness?

The world is losing its collective mind. Every day you see something worse and worse happening around us. Someone claiming to be an “adult” and a “parent” leaves a baby or animal locked in a car when the temperature is in the triple digits. Those claiming to have brains somewhere trapped inside their skulls are […]

Claudia Lefeve gets Jack’d

Ladies and gentlechums, the getting of jack’d has been on one Hell of a serious ride lately. Continuing on with the trend, I have another major player in the game of awesome. This time around it’s Claudia Lefeve. A lover of skulls, pugs, and one of my favorite television shows. Are you ready for this? […]

13 Things you never wanted to know about Jack

Happy Friday the 13th ladies and gentlejunk! I hope you have some seriously horrific plans for the day! Today is one of those days where I feel like barfing up some strange and wondrous facts about meself. Yes, it’s a bit self serving, but hey — isn’t everything in this day and age a teeny […]

New (and different) projects

Most of what I speak of here is my writing (or things related to the genres I write about). But there are other facets to Jack that you might not know about… and one of those facets has some projects about to be tackled. I thought I’d share some of the “news” with the Jackverse […]