Horror Heroine Hierarchy

Ah the horror movie heroine. They are, in all honesty, that which drives the horror film forward. They offer the story tension, fear, strength, a good scream, and (in some cases) a layer of sexuality. Without the heroine, horror would have a much harder time competing with modern genre cinema. Of course, with everything, there […]

Beware: Zombies Ahead

That’s right lovelies and gentlemints of the Jackverse — zombies have taken over Louisville, Kentucky. Or at least that’s what one construction sign would have us believe. Of course, we all know that I believe! And boy do I believe. The zombies will arrive…no, actually they already have arrived. Only at the moment, they have […]

Timeless music: A review of Rush’s Clockwork Angels

As everyone in the Jackverse knows, I am a huge Rush fan and have been since I was in middle school. Recently they released their twentieth studio album (that’s right — 20). The power trio from Canada had released three of the songs from the recording as singles: Caravan BU2B Headlong Flight Each single proved […]

The Barnes & Noble Paradox

When I first started publishing, I was thrilled at the opportunities. The ability to control so much of the production of a book and then get an actual fair cut of royalties was such a breath of fresh air the traditional publishers couldn’t breathe into my lungs. And having Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble […]

Prometheus: Scott shows Lucas how to do the prequel

After doing a grueling twelve hour mountain bike race last Saturday, the next day was all about finally seeing the movie that has had more hype than any other sci-fi film since Lucas released the first of the Star Wars prequels. And instead of going home thinking “What was he thinking?”, all I could think […]

What makes good horror?

As everyone in the Jackverse knows, I loves me some horror. I have since I was a child (thank you Sammy Terry). I should have known that passion for fright would lead me on a collision course with a career as a writer of horror. At the moment, I am knee-deep in the gore of […]

Six ways to ruin a good creepy ghost story

The other night I took the time to finally watch The Woman In Black. This looked to be a nice, atmospheric ghost story that could be a real gem. I hadn’t read any of the reviews (intentionally) and grabbed some pop corn and soda, turned out the lights, and hit play. My expectations were well […]