What genres do you like and why?

As a writer of horror (and other sundries) I am always asked why I write a genre that will forever take a back seat to most other genres. The answer to that one question is simple — because it’s my passion. But that question actually begs of numerous, multi-layered questions. I thought, what better place […]

Review: The Cabin in the Woods

It’s a rare occasion that a horror film is called “the  best film of the year”. But in the case of The Cabin in the Woods, it’s something fans of The Hunger Games just might have to deal with. This film is that good. But this might be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever […]

Killer Missives: Albert Fish

Disclaimer: These letters are fiction. They are meant for entertainment purposes and are only loosely based on real killers. Piety at the hand of a twisted, merciless killer is something everyone should witness. Either first hand, or vicariously through, say, a letter – the proclamation of divinity from the mouths of the insane, is a […]

Zombie Survival Tips

I’ve been tweeting zombie survival tips on twitter for some time now. They’ve been such a big hit, I thought I’d collect some of them here, for those of you not on twitter to enjoy. So read these carefully, they might one day save your brains from the nomming horde.

Most Evilest Books Ever Written… for film

Forget the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey — I’m talkin’ pure, nasty, ugly evil. This is the kind of evil that makes demons and other vile nasties appear out of nowhere, the kind that turns mortal men and women into banshees, vampires, and soul-sucking thingies. Dare you gaze upon the books I mention here? Dare […]

Zombie Theatre: Lie Zombie Lie

Lie Zombie Lie is the forth book in the I Zombie series of post-apocalyptic zombie novels written by, yours truly, Jack Wallen. Here, Jack reads the first few pages of this soon to be published work for a sneak peak at what is to come! Enjoy a little Zombie Theatre!