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Killer Missives: Armin Meiwes

My name is Craven.

That is the only name you need know me by. I am a collector of things – shall we say – morbid. The world has been my playground and I have spent the majority of my adult life searching for items of rather a dark nature and purpose. It has been made clear to me that many of you are fascinated by darkness, so I thought it a pleasure to share some of my findings. In particular, I want to share with you some of the letters I have uncovered in my search. These letters have never been made public – and with good reason. The content of these missives isn’t really fit for the average mind and heart to consume. What you are about to read are letters written between serial killers. In some cases these letters were actually mailed and delivered. In other cases these words were nothing more than the mad ramblings of the insane.

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Fabulous Friday: Equality

Equality: The state of being equal.

Human rights. Women’s lib. Pride. Integration. Kindness. Acceptance. Humanity… love. It’s all there. Or is it. Across the globe you can find instances of sects of people repressed, mocked, humiliated, persecuted… slaughtered. Why? Because they are different. Either for ethnic, race, religious, sexual persuasion, gender presentation — one reason or another, equality is an ideal the human race seriously struggles to get a firm grasp on.

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