Hollywood remakes out of control: A solution

Raise your hand if you’re tired of Hollywood doing little more than remaking, rebooting and sequel’ing, prequel’ing. I see the vast majority of the movie-loving population did their best Arnold Horshack. That’s right — we’re all sick of Hollywood continually showing us they have nothing new up their sleeves.

Splatterpunk: Why you should (or should not) care

Splatterpunk is a sub-genre of horror fiction that most don’t know about. There’s a reason for that. Splatterpunk is one of those genres that the average reader simply couldn’t read. It’s like taking your worst nightmares, rolling them into the cream of of the goriest crop of horror movies, and penning it as fiction. As […]

Human Centipede: Horror or Horrific?

We all know I’m a huge fan of the horror genre — both written and filmed. Over the last few years there’s been a glut of horror films that cross boundaries many horror fans feel shouldn’t be crossed. One such boundary is going overboard on the shock factor. One film that did that better than […]

Fabulous Friday: Fab Five Celebrities

This is a very special Fabulous Friday post, because I wanted to introduce to the world my fab five. These will be a short lists of related things I consider fabulous. Is that not fabtastic? Of course it is! To introduce this post, I want to start off with my Fab Five Celebrities. Don’t expect […]

The Walking Dead: Biting the head off the drama and swallowing it whole

Recently I’ve been bemoaning the fact that The Walking Dead had become little more than an undead soap opera. Well, as of this past Sunday, the undead horde went Ozzy Osbourne on that drama and bit its head off. It was ugly. it was fierce. It was necessary.

Killer Missives: Armin Meiwes

My name is Craven. That is the only name you need know me by. I am a collector of things – shall we say – morbid. The world has been my playground and I have spent the majority of my adult life searching for items of rather a dark nature and purpose. It has been […]

Fabulous Friday: Shero Approved Comic Books

Superheroes and comics go hand in hand. Thing is, there are so many comics out there, how are you to know which comics are smexy enough for your lovely eyes? Well, everyone’s favorite transgender superhero happens to be a closet comic book nerd, so he though he’d share with you the comic books that are: […]

The Walking Dead: The question of humanity

The Walking Dead has brought some serious street cred to the zombie. And it’s about damn time! The Vampire has had his sparkly time in the spotlight. So move over Count Abula and let some moaners and walkers have their fifteen minutes (but let’s give them a bit more than that, as it takes them […]

Fabulous Friday: Equality

Equality: The state of being equal. Human rights. Women’s lib. Pride. Integration. Kindness. Acceptance. Humanity… love. It’s all there. Or is it. Across the globe you can find instances of sects of people repressed, mocked, humiliated, persecuted… slaughtered. Why? Because they are different. Either for ethnic, race, religious, sexual persuasion, gender presentation — one reason […]