Five of the scariest books you’ll regret reading (at night)

I love a good scare. And seriously, who doesn’t? Being frightened is a catharsis you don’t find with any other emotional response to an external stimulus. And even better when you’re being scared out of your underpants, nightgown, boxers, or skinsuit, when tucked in safely under mounds of blanket. And as a writer of horror, […]

Writely Advice: Back it up!

I not only write fiction, I also write tech articles. I’ve been writing technology-based articles for nearly fifteen years and during that time the one thing that always shocks me is how many people do NOT back up their data. As writers, our data is our life. Imagine the horror of spending months on that […]

Fabulous Friday: Zombie Gifts

Oh I do love a good zombie gift. Zifts (as they might be called) are special to give because they say you know the person well enough to hand over some brain-munching fun! And Zifts range from the whimsical to the absolutely CRAZY! I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite zombie […]

March Madness Sale at Adorkable Designs

March isn’t just for spring make-overs and NCAA basketball hoops! That month is also for going ADORKABLE! And to kickoff “Marchdorkable”, I’m offering $25.00 off any package for first time clients! This can apply to any one of my three design packages. Give your book cover the Adorkable touch. Check out Adorkable Designs to look […]

The Walking Soap Opera, er, Dead!

Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Where do I begin? I guess I begin by prefacing this with the statement — I’m biased. I like my zombie horror apocalyptic in scope, scale, and mood. With that said, I want to go out on a limb and offer up a little criticism of the current […]

Writely Advice: It’s all about balance

Recently I had an extended conversation with a dear writer friend that spanned a vast number of topics. From that conversation a number of conclusions were drawn — but one of the most important conclusions was the different types of writers there are. I’m not talking about genre writers or those that hand write first […]

UNfabulous Friday: Sports Illustrated Swimsuits and teenagers

She was born June 10, 1992. At that time I was midway through graduate school. She’s just a year older than my youngest step child… and she’s the latest cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Her name is Kate Upton. She’s a model. She’s a TEENAGE. And now, she’ll be the object of desire for […]

Writely Advice: Turn away from rankings

Last week I had one of those moments where I though my heart was going to slosh out of my nether-holes and I was just going to give up the writer ghost. Okay, I kid — I didn’t let it effect me THAT badly; but I must channel George Washington and say I cannot tell […]

Fabulous Friday: I Zombie I — the drawing

No, I’m not giving away my soul to the first person to comment on this post (although The Eclective is giving away a free Kindle Fire — click here for more). Nor am I holding a drawing for a pair of my signed panties! Ewww! What I wanted to do was share a drawing someone […]

Hey Puritans, let go of us already!

The Superbowl is over and in typical fashion people are coming out of the woodwork to complain about various and sundry bits and pieces. Someone flipped the bird on national television! Oh my! Someone said a dirty word in front of my children! Oh goodness no! Martha, get over it. It’s 2012 (one hundred years […]

Superstitious writers: And my changing process

Up until now, my process for writing a book went something like this: I would hand write the first draft of a book (usually in bed). Once the first draft was done, I would transfer the written copy to electronic form by typing up the digital copy. During that process I would also take care […]

Fabulous Friday: Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. BSG vs. Firefly

My last Fabulous Friday (about the ever-glorious George Takei) inspired a new Fabulous Friday, one that I might well come to regret. I was wondering — in a fight to the death, who would win: Star Wars Star Trek Battle Star Galactica (NOT the original series, but the reboot) Firefly This may well be one […]

When horror becomes nothing more than torture porn

I’m going to regret that title. I know, full-well, I will be inundated with spam — simply because of the word “porn”. But what better way to describe the glut of horror films and books that have turned the tides of my (our) favorite genre? But what is “torture porn”? If you have to ask, […]