Writely Advice: The Writer Brand

When you think of brand, what comes to mind? Any number of images, sound bites, catch phrases, etc pop up to smack you upside the mind’s eye. Why does that happen? Because marketing execs are paid large sums of money to ensure that those brand names are burned into your psyche. And it pays off. […]

Fabulous Friday: Win a Kindle Fire

Come On Baby Win My Fire! Enter for your chance to win a free Kindle Fire! Valentine’s Day is coming up.  That’s right.  We love it.  We hate it.  But it comes around every year whether we like it or not. This year The Eclective will be giving away one Kindle Fire to one of […]

Say “No” to SOPA

I’m joining Wikipedia and many other websites in protesting against SOPA/PIPA.  Read more about it here.  In my opinion, the internet should not be controlled by idiots (aka politicians) who don’t even understand it or its uses.  These bills will NOT work, but they WILL infringe on our rights. Want to write Congress and tell […]

The science of zombies

Science. Who doesn’t love science (besides the Creationists)? Science is our friend and it helps us to not only improve our lives, but helps to understand how things work. Of course, in some instances, science can wreak a little special flavor of havoc on our lives. One such way is the creation of zombies. That’s […]

I Zombie: The series

I Zombie is the exciting post-apocalyptic zombie series by Jack Wallen surrounding the Mengele virus and a cast of survivors hell-bent on taking down the government-run collective attempting to cleanse the world of those they don’t deem worthy.

Best (modern) zombie films you’ve probably never seen

Nomnomnomnom — that’s the sound of me when I find a new zombie film to enjoy. Naturally I’m nomming brain-flavored popcorn, and not brain-flavored brain. How do I have such delights to enjoy? Science, my friend, science. Speaking of big, delicious science, I’ve seen my share of zombie films over the years. I thought maybe […]

Desperation leads to more desperation

Lately I’ve been taking up some of my regular blog spots to address various issues surrounding the indie author scene. I thought I would continue this practice once again… only this time dig a bit deeper into the muck and underbelly of the beast of which I am a part of. And as I dug […]

Fabulous Friday: The evolution of a cover

Good day my dearest lovelies. I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now. Why have I hesitated? Mostly I was just waiting to reach the point where my ego wouldn’t be bruised by showing my very early efforts at creating covers for my own books. Of course I recently realized just […]

Misfit Monday: Danielle Blanchard (Gets Jack’d)

It’s not always that you come across a writer who can give a genre a breath of fresh air for you like Danielle Blanchard has with her Vamp Saga series. So when I started reading Book 1 I knew Danielle had to Get Jack’d. So, without further adieu…let’s to the jacking!