Humpday Horror: Writers spamming Writers (and readers)

A long time ago, before Radio Shack was “The Shack”, I stopped going into my favorite place to buy nerd things because the salesmen were all so pushy. I also always refused to step foot onto a car lot because I knew I was in for a heavy-handed sell. I wanted to make a tee […]

Misfit Monday: Heidi Ruby Miller (gets Jack’d)

Heidi Ruby Miller is a seriously mad woman. Not mad as in, you better watch it or she WILL pee in your Cheerios, but mad as in, There be whales aboard! Kinda mad. Voices in the head kinda mad. Oh, wait… I just described the whole of the writer clan. Actually, Heidi is quite an […]

Fabulous Friday: Sydney Jasmine Cannon

I have the fabulous pleasure of having a darling of a human on Fabulous Friday. Her name is Sydney Jasmine Cannon and she is responsible for organizing the Facebook Event “Let’s Make People “Cross”. Naturally she is a perfect fit for the world of one particular superhero we all know and love, and should be […]

Mistfit Monday: My Inner Teen Rocker Chick!

Today’s Misfit Monday is a very special look inside the mind and heart of yours truly. You may be asking “What the hell?” and to that I would answer, “Have you ever known a writer?” If you have have known a writer, you then know we are some crazy-ass people. Some of us hear voices […]

I Zombie: The Collection is now Live (and Undead)

That’s right my squee-tastic readers, the entire I Zombie trilogy has been enshrined in a single tome. And you get get that book, with the lovely new cover, created by yours truly, at the usual stops. But you need to know more don’t you? Of course you do. So hop on in and find out.

Zombie Radio is now live!

That’s right my lovelies, the novella based on my Zombie Radio podcast is now available. This book includes the short story, Silent Night, which is a secret look into The Zero Day Collective you never would have seen before!

Humpday Horror: Christmas horror movies to get you through the holidays

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a nightmare! All that good cheer, the family, the prezzies, the snow… the pressure! So what’s a horror fan to do? I know, watch some holiday-themed horror films! That’s right, holiday horror! So I thought I would list out some of my favorite (and mostly cheese-tastic) horror films […]

Die Zombie Die officially undead and live!

That’s right my lovelies, the final book in the I Zombie trilogy is now available. So you better shamble on over to Amazon and snag your copy straight away before the horde takes you down, cracks open your skull, and munches on your thinky-bits. Not sure what this book is about? Well then, let me […]

Misfit Monday: Rob Zombie

I have to admit, this posting is somewhat self-serving. Why? Because Mr. Zombie MUST make the movies for the I Zombie trilogy. If you’re unsure or don’t believe me, read them and you’ll draw the same conclusion. But even beyond that, RZ needs to be highlighted here on my little fabulous and horrific webhome because […]

Speculative Fiction Playdates

I want to first of all thank Jack for inviting us onto his blog, this week. It’s easy as authors to get comfortable in our own playgrounds, er, blogs. Writing a guest post is like visiting your cousins – in this case, the ones dressed all in black and living in a house that looks […]