Fabulous Friday: All hail the Mary Jane

Snootchy Bootchy! No, not talkin’ ’bout THAT kinda mary jane. Though one would think a permanent passenger on the dark hayride would have dipped his purple-laquered toes into those tie-dyed waters of munchy-inducing goodness — not so, not so. My lovelies, the Mary Jane I so fondly speak of is…wait for it…the shoe.

Humpday Horror: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times the Zombie King gets this question. “Will there ever really be a zombie apocalypse?” Well, my lovely readers, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” How can I say that? Aren’t zombies fiction? Hello? Have you ever watched the Republican National Convention? I […]

Misfit Monday: The Goth

Here on Get Jack’d I’m starting a few new regular series of posts. We can’t have things getting stale — stale is so … yesterday! So to keep things minty fresh I introduce to you the first in my regular blogs Misfit Monday. Now many of you might be rolling your eyes or pish poshing […]

Review: The Walking Dead Season 2:1

When last we met our intrepid crew from The Walking Dead they were leaping from an exploding CDC. But more than that — the show itself was starting to slowly descend into too much feel-good family fluff about sisters and dolphin necklaces and too much concern for everything BUT the namesake of the series — the undead. With […]

Review: American Horror Story episode two

Horror, true horror is such a rarity these days. Decent horror on a television series is even more rare. True, frightening horror on the television is completely unheard of (unless you count the train wreck called reality TV — to me that is just beyond horror!) That is why I am so hesitant to really fall in […]

American Horror Story: Creeptastic fears too much for the average public viewer

It finally arrived — a horror series worthy of the genre “horror”. It’s been a long time since I could say a television horror series had serious potential. American Horror Story is just that — full of potential. But the horrors this show brings might well be too much for the average public viewer.

Creating Killers

It wasn’t until I was doing a touring a show along the east coast and Canada that I had that magical moment of falling under the spell of a villain. That villain was Shakespeare’s Richard III as portrayed by the brilliant Colm Feore. When Mr. Feore limped onto the stage and recited “Now is the […]