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Hello lovely, sexy, delicious, and all around wonderful readers! It’s time for a giveaway. This time, the giveaway has a catch — but it’s a fun catch because that catch will get you mentioned on the thrilling Zombie Radio!

Skip Abrahm and real-world heroes

As many of you know, I am taking a very short breaking from the zombieverse to go back to some of my best friends in the Fringe Killer series. At the moment I am about twenty five percent complete with the first draft of Endgame and I wanted to share with you something I experienced […]

Sample Sunday: My Zombie My

I have a special treat for you today. I thought I would offer up a pre-edited sample of my upcoming release My Zombie My. That’s right PRE-EDITED! So you get to see all the strangeness that comes straight out of my brain and through my fingers. I’m thrilled about this entry in the I Zombie […]

Zombie Radio looking for guest appearances

Many of you have probably already heard one or more of my podcasts on Zombie Radio. This podcast was the brain child of one of my brilliant beta readers and has become something that not only readers and fans enjoy, but I have become quite fond of. In fact, ZR has become one of the […]

Bringing the smexy to zombies

I often ask myself this question. Where are all the sparkly, hunky zombies? Why is it the only time you see sexy zombies is on a zombie walk where the female participants really want to get noticed? Why has Hollywood not jumped on the sexy zombie bandwagon? If I really use my mind-meat hard enough, I can come […]

Sexy sells

Sex sells. Let’s face it … it’s a universal truth (on some levels) that even writers must indulge now and then. Sex and sexy will sell books. Why do you think book covers are so filled with sexy, beautiful, glittery cover models? How else would the Twilight Saga ever have made any popularity with middle-aged […]

Why you need your own domain

This is one of those questions I get asked quite a lot. I own a lot of domains and I use every one of them for one reason or another. For example, I use (or — which simply acts as a re-direct to for blogging. I also have as my digital […]

Rethinking how we publish and promote

I’ve been in a lot of industries. One of the most recent iterations (I call it Jack 3.0 — which I might be regressing to in the near future) was hair stylist. As a hair stylist it is a universal truth that there are slow times of the year. And so many stylist, across the board, […]

Back to the Fringe Killers: Feels like coming home

Recently I had been torn about what to write next. I finished the first draft of Die Zombie Die, which meant I was now ready to start writing something new (I always have a first draft and first rewrites going at once). I developed two new ideas: A new zombie series, based on the world […]